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Pigeons have taken over our balcony can you help us? 
Pigeons are a nuisance all over Berkshire and used to being around humans, when a balcony is unused even for a short period these feathered fiends will move in and start nesting. Pigeons aren't fussy nest builders; they're chosen design seems to be more poo than twigs and so quick to build, within days egg's will be laid and your balcony has been quietly taken over. 
Pigeons keep their chicks in the nest until all the flight feathers are formed; these aren't chicks anymore but young adult birds, this is a defense mechanism but what it means is that a single pair of birds quickly become four or five and when these leave the nest, more egg's will be laid straight away. 
You now have a small flock of pigeons, all living on your outdoor space; within weeks the guano has build up to be a thick mass of nutrient rich matter. This is teeming with fungus, bacteria and viruses all of which are harmful to us: you balcony is now a full blown bio-hazard. In additional to the micro-organisms the mass of feaces will be host to a variety of insects some of which are classed as pests in their own right. 
All Aspects Pest Control believes that when delivering quality bird control solutions, the success depends on flexibility and a reliable cost effective service where the bird control measures are tailored to the client’s needs, our pigeon and seagull proofing service provides a professional, cost effective physical deterrent against all types of perching bird species. 
Pigeon problems in Reading
What can you do to help us with our pigeon problem? 
We provide a service for domestic customers with problems of birds roosting and nesting on their balconies and around the buildings. 
In the case of balconies we look to install a clear net built onto a frame made from the buildings' shape of we can make one, this prevents any birds from physically flying onto the area, the net keeps the birds out and then we concentrate on your balcony. 
We clean up any residue left by the birds so: guano, old nests and nesting material and any dead birds lying around, once the detritus is cleared away we use a powerful biocide to kill off any lingering bacteria or viruses. 
If you have wooden decking on your balcony as a base we can also rip that out and replace it laying fresh boards down. 
Could we just leave the mess, after all it will wash away in time? 
The guano left by the birds is a thick dense mass and it won't wash away with rain water; its also highly acidic and while its sat on your balcony it is eating away at the structure beneath - this is why we can replace the decking boards as they are a common form of finish on most balconies. 
The guano will also start to grow a fungus which is particularly nasty and you wouldn't want that growing just outside the doorway. 
The best course of action is to prevent the birds from flying onto the balcony and removing all the mess - we don't harm the birds in any way with this treatment. 
For more information from the HSE on the hazards of bird guano - click this link. 
We are experts in balcony cleaning and proofing: price is on application of treatment -  
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Roof top balcony home to pigeons. 
Clean, new decking and netting home to humans. 
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