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You get what you pay for and buy cheap buy twice are both sayings that resonate with me and certainly this is something that I apply when purchasing goods and services however what if the service we pay for is expensive and seems to be good quality? 
Unfortunately we’ve all been there as well; its called getting ripped off and we saw that recently at a job in Wokingham, the householder had been plagued with rats coming into the kitchen extension walls and running across the ceiling for years. 
We deal with rats all over the area and Woodley is no exception, however we start to see patterns emerging and Woodley airfield seems to be a hotspot for rats getting into peoples houses via the drains. So we were surprised when we got a call out for rats inside a house where the homeowner assured us that it could not be the drains. 
As determined pest controllers we carryout a survey of both your property and any adjoining ones to determine if there is a simple solution. If we don't find anything we are able to run a CCTV camera through the sewer system to detect a hidden fault underground, for us, its about how rats get into your home and not using rodenticide to merely mask the issue. 
We were asked to look at a problem in a property in Reading; large industrial kitchen with rats in it. The property was in a good state of repair with a few minor faults externally but no explanation as to why they had such a serious rat infestation. So we carried out a drain survey and the problem became apparent. 
Rat infestation in a house in Woodley; all caused through an uncapped redundant drain beneath the extension floor. 
This was a job where our customer called us out as she had rats in her kitchen; the loft was checked and droppings were found. We checked the drains and marked her's and her neuigbours with different coloured tracking dust - no defects were found anywhere around the house. 
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