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Pests are coming - don't wait until its too late 

For the rodent pests; vermin such as the grey squirrel, rats and mice autumn is a time of plenty which is quickly followed by famine. The berries, nuts and seeds are quickly eaten or stashed away for safety and what follows are the harsh times with scarce supplies of food and cold weather. 
Fleas are a summer nuisance - find out about wasp control from All Aspects Pest Control covering Wokingham, Reading and surrounds of Berkshire. 
If you discover fleas in the home the most likely culprit is the family cat or dog, and if that pet spends time with the family members then you will experience the uncomfortable sensation of your pets flea bites. The fleas will live throughout your home and especially where the animal spends time sleeping; beds and sofas being the usual place where an animal sleeps when the owners are out. 
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