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Pests are coming - don't wait until its too late 

For the rodent pests; vermin such as the grey squirrel, rats and mice autumn is a time of plenty which is quickly followed by famine. The berries, nuts and seeds are quickly eaten or stashed away for safety and what follows are the harsh times with scarce supplies of food and cold weather. 
Its not a secret but we’re good at discussing the finer points of life with friends and neighbour’s; things such as the holiday plans for this summer or the new car that’s parked in the drive, but there is one topic of conversation that is kept secret and that is – 
“We’ve got a rat problem in the house”! 
Rats or mice make the bulk of our workload here at All Aspects Pest Control, there seems to be a never ending demand for our services for these two rodent species and unlike the third rodent that we deal with; the squirrel, there is no set season of activity. It used to be the case that rats and mice would start to migrate into homes and businesses across Reading and central Berkshire in the autumn as the weather got wetter and cooler, for the last couple of years we have seen this trend disappear and it seems that they are with us all year round. 
Many people do not understand the difference between the two species so we have put together a short guide to tell the difference - rat or mouse, that is the question? 
Well it’s the autumn, frosty mornings and sunny days highlighting the tree’s in all their finery – russets, gold and yellow and just a few green leaves sprinkled about to lighten the palette, it is beautiful at the moment. The best thing about the autumn? Sunday roast when its cold outside, the smell of chicken roasting and the heat from the kitchen filling the house and a cold beer in my hand – now that’s what I call autumn. 
How do the rats get into your home? This is the first question that we ask and the most important one as far as we are concerned, a comprehensive survey will indicate the way in and that includes the drainage system - when it comes to rats in your home we look further. 
At thisntime of year trick or treat is the question. The answer is Integrated Pest Management for rats, mice and squirrels - we don't see pests as a treat but something that poses a major hazard to you and your family. There's no tricks with our pest control treatments just pure customer service; we don't throw handfuls of poison around and trick you into thinking the problem is solved like other pest control companies. We SOLVE the issue for once and for good. 
The winter is a hard time for animals and that includes pests such as rats, mice and squirrels. Call outs rise the colder the weather. 
We're surrounded by rats, literally in their thousands; whether you live in one of Berkshires' larger towns like Reading or here in Wokingham there are hundreds of thousands of rats living happily up in our lofts or in the cupboard under the stairs, their often found scuttling about beneath the kick boards in the kitchen and lets not forget those rats that will be living underneath the garden shed! 
We offer professional rat control in Wokingham, Woodley and throughout Reading and Berkshire, professional pest control from a family run business with over 15 years experience in pest control. 
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