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It’s not just those of us in the pest control business but the RSPB, the Forestry Commission, landowners and farmers who all class the grey squirrel as vermin in the UK. Currently it is believed that there are approximately 2.7 million of these rodents spread across the country and we certainly have a major problem with squirrels in Woodley, we have been very busy already this year with call outs. 
Traditionally squirrels are poisoned, shot and trapped as the means of control; why do they need to be controlled? The answer is that we need to control these animals due to one important fact; the grey squirrel is correctly known as the north American grey squirrel and as its name suggests, it is in fact from north America. 
Well it’s the autumn, frosty mornings and sunny days highlighting the tree’s in all their finery – russets, gold and yellow and just a few green leaves sprinkled about to lighten the palette, it is beautiful at the moment. The best thing about the autumn? Sunday roast when its cold outside, the smell of chicken roasting and the heat from the kitchen filling the house and a cold beer in my hand – now that’s what I call autumn. 
Known to some as tree rats the grey squirrel has a mixed reception, however bird feeding stations are fueling a dramatic rise in numbers. 
Squirrels are making a nuisance of themselves in Wokingham and Woodley; the cold weather is driving them indoors and they are building dreys in our customers lofts. When the weathers as cold as it is now, females will group together to keep warm and save energy and your house is a tempting place to live. 
Squirrel control in Wokingham, Woodley and Reading. We are getting more callouts for pest treatments which are squirrels. 
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