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Cockroaches are becoming increasingly common across Reading, the rise is 'just in time deliveries' means that goods leave a warehouse or the manufacturer and within 24 hours they are with the consumer, along with any cockroaches that may have stowed away inside the packaging. 
There is also a huge market in second hand appliances and furniture andthese can sometimes carry an entire cockroach infestation. 
Cockroaches lay their egg's inside a single egg case called an ootheca, this leathery case protects the young eggs while they hatch; if one of these egg cases is inside an item when it arrives in your property around 30 to 35 young cockroaches will emerge - and that's a whole infestation. 
Do cockroaches carry diseases? 
The answer is strictly no however as they will feed on just about anything and travel everywhere including in and out of drains, they pick up bacteria from waste and things like animal feaces. This is then transfered to kitchen surfaces, plates, stored food stuffs like fruit and this is what makes us sick. 
Cockroaches are known to be vectors of disease ie: they carry the pathogen, like typhoid and polio because they carry the bacteria around with them; their droppings contain proteins and as these dry out they are released and become airborne and can be inhaled. This leads to problems like asthma and diarrhea. 
If you run a commercial establishment and cockroaches are found in your kitchen by the Environmental Health Officer then you will be forced to close and taken before the Courts where you will receive a hefty fine. Hygiene is so important when dealing with cockroaches and potential infestations. 
Do you see cockroaches in the daytime? 
Cockroaches will normally come out from their hiding places at night, but when the population becomes extremely high you will see them running about in daylight; usually its the nymphs and many people do not realise what they are. Cockroaches prefer to be touched when they are static; its called thigmotropic so look for these insects as they will be hiding in cracks and crevices. 

Commercial Cockroach Control in Reading 

How can I protect my business from cockroaches? 
The best way to prevent cockroaches will always be to have strict hygiene policies especially in a commercial kitchen, despite this, the cleanest of kitchens are at risk so employ the services of a professional pest control company to maintain a monitoring contract with you. 
We provide a monitoring service where we will look at the risks to your business and set traps and bait stations, we also continually look at the site to see if the buildings are sound and fit for use - we will make small routine repairs to keep out animals like rats and mice and this helps with hygiene. 
What are the signs of a cockroach infestation? 
Cockroaches deposit lots of droppings and these are small, black dots which look very similar to poppy seeds; as cockroaches are able climbers and these droppings are sticky, look underneath items like worktops for these and you will often find them grouped together. 
Cockroaches also use body odour as a chemical to attract other roaches to their harbourage, this is a cuticular hydrocarbon and we can detect this as a foul, musky smell - this will be strongest where they congregate so look at cracks between junctions of tiles and kitchen units. 
These insects have a exoskeleton and as they grow they shed their outer skin in seven different stages of growth; these discarded skins are sometimes visible although as they contain protein a lot of these are eaten by the other cockroaches - yes, they will eat just about anything. 
Cockroaches will eat their way into items like cardboard packaging and fruit skins to look for signs of damage; debris lying around and chewed up sections that are too small to be a mouse or a rat. 
Female cockroaches become sexually mature at about 150 days old and they will lay on average seven egg cases in their lifetime; these are small bean shaped, pale coloured cases and these will be left lying about - not edible to other cockroaches these will be found in undistrubed areas like under the fridge. The case splits at the bottom allowing the nymphs to emerge so look for a hole in the bottom. 
If you live in Reading or across Berkshire we can help you resolve your cockroach problem using the latest range of chemicals and using different methods of control.  
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