Professional pest control in Wokingham from a local company  

When it comes to choosing a pest control service, it makes sense to find one that’s local to you; one reason is that local companies should have a greater and more detailed knowledge of your area and the problems faced. This is important when it comes to the rodent pests like rats, mice and squirrels that can get inside buildings and especially if its rats that you’re having problems with. 
To deliver a successful service, a pest controller needs some background experience to fully understand how rats can get inside a property as they can exploit a number of ways to get inside. Knowing your enemy allows you to determine what works will be required to prevent them from returning. 
National companies have a lazy approach to pest control where they will deal with internal rodent infestations with a straight to the use of poison and two or three visits as the only means of control. The reliance on the use of rodenticide to control internal pests will not determine the access point or allow the pest control technician to make good the entry point, sealing this up to prevent future reoccurrences. 
Another drawback of this method is that the use of rodenticide may leave you with dead rats or squirrels decomposing inside the walls or ceilings, with the associated terrible smell and maggots and bluebottles. 
When you choose All Aspects Pest Control, you have a company that traps for all internal rodents and only uses rodenticide as an absolute last resort. Of course we have the option of using rodenticide and may need to use this if the infestation is very large or long running but our aim has always been to fully understand how the rodents are getting in. Then we bring the pest control treatment to a conclusion through physical proofing of the building which prevents them returning in the future. 
As we are a local company we use our background knowledge to get to the bottom of the problem and as an example of how we work, we often conduct a CCTV drain survey immediately if we think that the drainage system is suspect to bring a conclusion to the infestation as rapidly as possible. 
Another positive form using us as a local pest control company, is that we are also on hand for things like collecting caught animals and we work over the entire week rather than just a five day service. 

Total pest control throughout Wokingham 

We cover a comprehensive range of pests that you’ll likely to encounter in the Wokingham area and an introduction to these are listed below, each pest section contains a link to take you to our main website where we cover the pests and treatments in greater detail. 
Carrion fly

Fly control in Wokingham  

Flies can be a serious nuisance in a domestic setting, their presence can indicate that there are other problems with things like the drains or in terraced housing or blocks of flats, the presence of carrion flies may indicate that there is a rodent problem someplace else within the building. Here at All Aspects Pest Control, we deal with all types of fly problem and for our commercial customers we install fly screens and electric fly killer machines. 

Mole catching in Wokingham  

Moles are a common problem in Wokingham and a gardener’s worst nightmare as they can pop up literally overnight, mole catching was how we started in pest control in the 1980’s and we still work on a no catch means no fee basis. We use traditional mole traps and work to proven results, we carryout mole catching on golf courses, private estates and small gardens all over the area. To us, no mole job is too big or too small for All Aspects Pest Control. 

Rat catching in Wokingham  

There’s a saying that you’re never more than six feet away from a rat and with an ever-growing population, it’s not surprising that rats are our Number 1 pest. We provide a rat catching service throughout Wokingham for both domestic and commercial customers, as we are determined to get to the bottom of your problem, our service includes CCTV drain surveys at no extra cost; when it comes to providing professional rat control in Wokingham we look harder and further. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Wokingham  

Wasps and hornets are summer pests found all over the Wokingham area and the surrounding towns, these insects can be a problem from early April right through the summer, we even get call outs for wasps in December in sheltered spots. When it comes to providing a wasp nest removal service, we work seven days a week in the Wokingham area and we aim to get a technician out to you within 24 hours of your call. In addition, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our wasp and hornet treatments. 

Ant control in Wokingham  

Most people assume that an ant is an ant as their only experience is of our common black garden ants, however, we now have several invasive species in the UK that hail from tropical countries and these ants can be difficult to eradicate. We cover garden ants as these are a summer pest but it is the exotic ants like Pharaoh ants and Acrobatic ants that give us the hardest time and more information on these can be found on our main website. 

Cockroach control in Wokingham 

Cockroaches are a group of insects that are developing a strong defence to insecticides and quickly becoming immune to pesticides used in their control. What this means is that cockroach infestations are becoming more and more common in Wokingham and more difficult to control. We have a wide range of different insecticides; liquids, gels and powders and application methods to combat the hardest of cockroach infestations in Wokingham. 
Bed bug

Bed bug treatments in Wokingham  

Bed bugs are another insect that is forming an immunity to pesticides, and these insects are extremely common in Wokingham, bed bugs have nothing to do with a lack of hygiene as these insects hitch hike. You can pick up bed bugs anywhere and we often to see people who have been attempting to control these pests themselves and failing. We provide a in-depth bed bug eradication service using heat and a mixture of chemicals to control bed bugs throughout the Wokingham area. 

Beetle treatments in Wokingham  

There are several different types of beetle species that we can find infesting homes and businesses in Wokingham, ranging from carpet beetles, larder beetles to drugstore beetles, beetle pests are becoming more frequent as our summers get hotter and longer. When it comes to delivering pest control for beetles in Wokingham, we use a range of different chemicals to control every type of beetle that you may have a problem with. 

Mice control in Wokingham  

The most common species of mice found in the Wokingham area will be the group known as field mice, our approach to controlling field mice is solely through the use of humane break back traps. We will never poison mice, the way to control these pests is to identify their access point and then seal it up, trapping out any sealed in mice. Mice are extremely common in Wokingham, and their numbers are highest during the autumn and winter meaning mouse infestations are common during this period. 
carpet moth

Moth treatments in Wokingham  

A very common moth problem in Wokingham are carpet moths or clothes moths as they are also called, whatever the name given to them, they can be treated with powerful insecticides. Another group of moths found in Wokingham are stored product species such as the Indian Meal Moth and these can be treated, one form of control is to throw out all the contaminated food products and then store new supplies in air tight containers. 

Squirrel control in Wokingham  

The grey squirrel is a serious pest no matter where you live, and Wokingham has a large population of these invasive rodents; the female grey squirrel is extremely territorial and these will set up home inside lofts and roof spaces all over the area. Once inside they will disturb your peace, defecate all over the loft and gnaw on electric cables, with two breeding seasons each year the grey squirrel is a major pest in the Wokingham area and our treatment consists of trapping them rather than using rodenticide. 

Pigeon control in Wokingham  

We associate feral pigeons with town centres and Wokingham is not unusual in that it has a large population of these birds. Our method of control for feral pigeons is to install some physical barrier whether spikes, netting or steel mesh to keep the birds away from the roost site. A new and really common problem with feral pigeons is that they have started taking up residence beneath roof top solar panels; we are experts in pigeon control in Wokingham and we will have the solution to every problem. 

Flea control in Wokingham  

Fleas are an issue for many pet owners, these bloodsucking insects are rapidly developing resistance to the active ingredients used in over-the-counter pet treatments, so we are often called out to treat carpets of pet owners in Wokingham where they suddenly find themselves with a flea infestation. The best course of action is to rotate your pet treatment through different chemicals to combat resistance from the fleas. 

Why choose All Aspects Pest Control in Wokingham? 

Why choose All Aspects Pest Control? The answer to that question is as follows; we are a family run business with years of pest control experience behind us, secondly, we really understand the local area and this knowledge allows us to quickly identify the access points for pests like rats and so we can get the situation under control more quickly. 
Our technicians are all fully qualified in pest control; many larger companies will choose to train their staff in-house and their technicians hold the minimum qualifications just to handle rodenticide, we don’t think that’s a good idea when delivering a complex pest control service. 
However the main reason that you should choose All Aspects is that we aim to deliver a comprehensive pest control service that gets right through to the root of the problem and solves it for good. We believe in good old fashioned values and deliver our service in the same manner that we would wish to receive it in return. 

Commercial Pest Control in Wokingham  

We deliver pest control services that range from a small corner shop right up to a local topflight football stadium. Our goal is to protect your business reputation using a proven method of prevention, control, elimination, and management of the environment. 

Domestic Pest Control in Wokingham  

We make our domestic pest control services low cost but still deliver good quality; we don’t work on a number of ‘set’ visits and the use of rat poison to control your problem; we work on identifying the access point and sealing this up to leave you pest free for good. 

Professional Pest Control throughout Wkingham  

We deal with all types of pests in Wokingham and throughout Berkshire and the surrounding counties. Whether you need a simple wasp nest removal or help dealing with rats in the loft we provide a quality service driven by results. 
Rats in a house in Wokingham 
"I was impressed from the first call-out, answered within an hour, of the highly efficient and focussed action taken by Tony Smith, the prompt and punctual follow-up visits, involving extremely thorough investigation outside and within the property including inspection of my and those of the neighbouring drains, laying of traps and removing all remains and successfully leading to the discovery of the point of access of the rats, effective blocking of the relevant area, thus resolving the issue within days, which had remained the highly distressing and debilitating situation for months, to the detriment of health and well-being. 
Altogether a service performed with high professional expertise, efficiency and consideration, to the great benefit of the client at a fair and reasonable cost.
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