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Pest Control in Finchamstead and Wokingham from a local company 

We are based locally in Woodley and a family run firm; with over 19 years in pest control we offer a range of professional services dealing with all pests. 
We cover the insect varieties like clothes moths, fleas, ants and bed bugs. Hornets, wasps and carpet beetles all fall under the remit of insects and we have a range of treatment methods to successfully eradicate these pests. 
We also deal with the rodent pests like squirrels, rats and mice. No matter where you live in Finchamstead and Wokingham you will never be far away from one of these three and they form our most common pests species that we deal with.  
We also carryout rabbit control and when it comes to all the rodents we trap rather than resort to use of rodenticide straight away; we are accredited with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use. There is a problem with the casual use of poison to control rodents and that is secondary poisoning: too much rodenticide is being used in the UK and we care seeing the wrong species like field mice picking it up, these die and in turn poison raptors that feed on the mice. 
Our solution is that we trap rather than use poison every-time - trapping also eliminates dead animals being left to rot in your property, so for us an ideal solution. 
We carryout many forms of bird control work from preventing pigeons from nesting under solar panels to full clean ups of guano and installing netting to prevent the birds from returning to the site. 
Squirrel on a wall Rat face

Wasp Control in Finchamstead and Wokingham 

We always aim to provide the highest standards in pest control and when dealing with wasp or hornets we follow through on this: when you call us out to tackle your wasp nest we will guarantee this treatment. In the event that the wasps don't die off with 24 hours we will happily return to retreat. 
Our technicians will also look around your property and in the even that they find other nests then these will be treated and have that same guarantee - for free. We don't stack on additional charges or ramp up prices, you've called us out to deal with the wasps and that's exactly what we're going to do. 
There's no sting in the tail with our wasp nest removal. 
Wasp on a leaf

Mole Catching in Finchamstead and Wokingham 

Moles are every present, we just can't see them as they rarely appear above ground and with a cycle of four active hours and four resting hours they can literally pop up in your lawn overnight. You may notice the typical molehill of displaced earth and occasionally you'll see a tent like ridge sticking up in the turf as the mole is digging through the roots pushing the grass up as it moves along. 
Either way we can get rid of your mole: we use the traditional humane traps to catch moles and we work on a traditional basis - No Catch - No Fee. You'll only pay for proven results as we charge per mole unlike some pest control companies; if we can't catch it or it moves us then you don't get a bill. However as I've been catching moles for 39 years its not often we don't catch. 

Pigeon Control and Guano Cleaning in Finchamstead and Wokingham 

Pigeons were domesticated and used as a food source, these intelligent birds don't really fear man that much and recently we have seen a change in their behaviour as they adapt to our changing world. The introduction of solar panels has created a new place that pigeons find attractive to roost and nest; beneath the panels. 
Solar panels are mounted onto horizontal metal supports that are ideal for a base to build a nest on, combined with the fact that its dry under the panels and hidden from predators we are seeing a rise in the demand for void protection under solar panels. 
There are a number of ways in which we can do this but basically we seal off the area under the panels preventing the birds from getting back underneath, the birds tend to hand around for a number of days following the treatment but they'll soon fly off to somewhere new leaving you in peace. 
Pigeons make a lot of noise and create a lot of mess; we can provide a guano cleaning service as well, removing the matted filth, old nests and any dead birds and leaving everything clean and safe afterwards. 
Rat, Mice and Squirrel control in Finchamstead and Wokingham 
Rodents are our number one pest species; whether its rats coming in via the drains, squirrels gnawing their way in through the roof or mice getting in through the cavity wall, your property is always at risk. Autumn brings with it the period we know in the industry as 'rat season' and this is when all the rodent species try to find themselves somewhere warm to over winter. 
We work on the premise of Integrated Pest Management for our rat, mice and squirrel treatments; we look to investigate the structure looking for access points and this may include the adjoining property in the case of a semi-detached house or terrace. Once we have determined where the animals are getting in we look at a proofing solution to seal up the entrance and leave you pest free. 
This entails us using tracking dusts and gels, trapping rather than the use of poison as we examine the dead animal to see what tracking marks are on its fur and we will also carryout a CCTV survey of your drainage system if we think this is where the rats are getting in. 
All this is what we do as a rodent treatment - we don't add on charges for drain surveys or charge you for materials, we get you pest free and we keep you that way. 

Bed bug Treatments in Finchamstead and Wokingham 

One thing that makes everyone cringe - the thought of bed bugs! No matter whether your house is clean or dirty, if you travel then you are exposed to these horrible bloodsucking insects. Often we hear from customers who were getting bitten on holiday and thought that these were from mosquito's. 
Look for linear patterns of bites: where the exposed skin meets the bedding you'll find that the bugs stop and begin feeding leaving lines of bites. Another key sign is small black spots staining sheets and pillows; the bed bugs only want the protein out of the blood so they quickly excrete the liquid part which dries black - its worth checking mattresses and headboards for these marks before unpacking - I know I do! 
And then there's a smell associated with bed bugs - you'll only detect this where they are in numbers and its like a damp towel - musty. We treat bed bugs with heat; either steam at 180 degrees centigrade and a mixture of chemicals or heat from portable heaters that raise the entire temperature to 60 degrees centigrade. 
Don't let the bed bugs bite - call us out for a thorough treatment. 
Bed bug
For more information on any form of pest control give us a call and we can give you an no obligation quote. 
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