Professional mouse trapping throughout the Wokingham area from a local company 

Mice are a major pest throughout the Wokingham area, and a fairly constant presence throughout the year, equipped with the ability to squeeze through the smallest of openings, these tiny rodents cause a great deal of damage through gnawing, defecating and urinating on building contents and stored food items. 
mouse eating spilt grains
mouse on a jam jar

Why are mice coming into our property? 

Mice like all rodents are primarily seed eaters but they are also super scavengers and with their ability to squeeze through small openings, they will come into our homes and businesses to see what they find to eat. 
Mice are prolific breeders and once in a warm dry environment they will start breeding, producing large quantities of baby mice who, in turn will start having their own litters meaning that just a couple of mice can lead to a major infestation in a short space of time. 
Mice are great climbers and fantastic jumpers so once they are inside a building they can pretty much travel anywhere they like; from the garage to the loft its all a short journey for these little critters. 

How we deal with a mice problem in Wokingham 

When it comes to mouse control we do things differently to many other pest control companies; many of these will rely on rodenticide to get control of the situation, by using poison all this means is that you kill off the current population and then get re-infested in the future. 
We track how these rodents get into your property and then trap the mice to end the infestation, we will then seal the entrance points to keep them outside for good; they say that knowledge is power and so we want to fully understand the mechanism of your infestation. 
This is the only sure-fire way to get rid of mice for good, and its what we do. 

Total mouse control in Wokingham from a local company 

Mice will climb and they will take advantage of external climbing plants to make an high level entry into the roof, because we are committed to getting rid of any pest these plants, removing the mouse's climbing frame and getting you 100% rodent free for good. 
Successful mouse control depends on eliminating the resident population but having discovered their entrance point first; once that is done the treatment concludes with proofing up using wire mesh and cement to ensure that there can be no future infestation. 
This is the only way to get rid of mice; the use of rodenticide is not advised and is a short cut to nowhere. 
If you have a problem with mice in the Wokingham area then give us a call on 07967 360 000 – we are a family run pest control company that’s local to you and we can have a technician out to you within hours of your call. 

 Professional mouse control in Wokingham from a local company   

Frequently asked questions about mice 


What do mice eat?   

Mice are part of the rodent family and as such they are omnivores, and will eat just about anything that they come across; seeds, fruits, grains, insects and carrion. 
The problem with mice is their tiny size and the fact that they eat stored foodstuffs that they find in our homes and businesses. 

How do we know if we have mice inside our house?  

Mice defecate a lot, and I mean a lot - up to 60 times a day so their droppings soon become noticeable.  
Be on the lookout for small black pointy droppings which resemble a dry grain of rice but much smaller, these are often located in corners where mice like to sit. 

We have mice in the loft, how do they get up there?  

Mice are really good climbers and they will use any wall plants or patches of rough brickwork to scale the heights into your loft, they can easily climb any internal corner. 
As well as being fantastic climbers they are great jumpers being able to jump over 45cm's in height making anywhere accessible. 
Mice in a house in Lower Earley 
"Checked the reviews first and they represented what Tony did. He was professional, answered all my questions and did a thorough job over a series of weeks. He looked at prevention as well as eradication in respect of mice finding their way into my house, proofing my neighbours as we lived in a Terrace. No mice since and hoping that it stays that way. Happy to recommend his service, which is at a competitive rate, to anyone". 

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