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Pest Control in Henley-on-Thames from a local company 

Do you want a pest control company that do things differently? 
If you do give us a call as we are different in many ways to other companies in that we won't resort to the use of poison to control rats, mice and squirrels as our only means of control: we use humane traps in combination with physical proofing to get rid or rodents and then keep them at bay for good. 
Not only that but in the case of a rat problem we will also use CCTV equipment to check out the drains - an area often overlooked by other companies; our aim is to get rid of the animals but in doing so, know how they were getting in and be able to put a stop to it. 
It's called Integrated Pest Management and its the foundation to our approach for all aspects of pest control from insects through rodents to commercial monitoring at hotels, private schools, shops and offices. 
Do you want to deal with a local family run firm rather than a faceless national company? 
At All Aspects Pest Control we are a father and son team and we use my future son-in-law who runs his own separate company based in Reading; so when you choose us you're one of the family. 
Rats Squirrel

Wasp and Hornet Nest Removal in Henley-on-Thames 

Do you want a guaranteed wasp nest removal? 
Well we guarantee all our wasps and hornets nests; the nest should die off within 24 hours of treatment, in case it doesn't we will happily return to give it a second treatment and that's guaranteed. 
What's more, we will also treat any other nests that we find at the same time within the initial price and those extra nests are all covered by the guarantee - no 'additional' charges with us, just plain old good service. 
Wasp on a leaf

Mole Catching in and around the Henley area 

Do you want a tradesman who can deliver what he says he does? 
Well look no further as we promise you this: we'll catch your mole or you don't pay - can't say fairer than that? 
Tired of paying companies up front over the phone for mole catching to find out that they never caught anything? All too often we hear this story and as I've been mole catching for over 35 years we work on the only fair basis - No catch means no fee. 
Occasionally moles move off an area as quickly as they appeared but not all that often! So we work the traditional way with traditional traps. 

Pigeon Control and Guano Cleaning in Henley-on-Thames 

Have you got a pigeon problem in Henley? 
Well if so give us a call, we are experts in bird control working across the south of England installing anti-bird netting systems for small domestic customers who just want their balcony proofed against pigeons to large companies that need guano cleaning and roof top protection around their air conditioning equipment. 
We install all manner of systems: netting, spiking, post and rail and void protection around the underside of solar panels where the birds are roosting underneath. 

Rat, Mice and Squirrel control in Henley-on-Thames 

Do you have a problem with rats in Henley? 
Rats and mice are on the increase right across the region and Henley is no exception; we are seeing two breeding seasons for squirrels every year and so their numbers are rising. 
Our approach to ALL rodent problems is not one of poison, poison, poison as we believe that this is the wrong approach - we NEED to find out where the animals are getting into a property, track them and then trap them with sealing up all entrances as the last item. 
In the 21st Century we should not be living with rats in our homes and businesses and poison will not stop them long term - its just a short term quick fix but no the solution - if you have a problem then we'll have the solution. 

Bed Bug Treatments in Henley-on-Thames 

Getting bitten at night? Don't let the bed bugs bite! 
On the increase and slowly becoming resistant to the chemicals that we use, these blood sucking insects are becoming increasingly common right across the area and we have to adapt our ways of dealing with them. 
We use extreme heat in every treatment that we do for bed bugs: localised steam at 180 degrees or we can heat the whole room to 60 degrees; we back these up with the latest cutting edge chemicals or a new novel treatment that is non-toxic and proven to work. 
Don't let the bed bugs bite - give us a call. 
Bed bug

Cockroach Control in Henley-on-Thames 

Do you think you've got cockroaches? 
Cockroach infestations are on the rise and we treat these with gel baits and chemical sprays; cockroaches can be bought in when purchasing food through cash and carry establishments, through second hand kitchen equipment and bought back from a holiday. 
Cockroaches spread disease and due to their elusive nature by the time you realise that there's a problem it'll be too late and there will be a full blown infestation; for commercial business working in the food sector this is a major problem as they face being shut down and heavily fined. 
We deal with all aspects of pests from insects like ants and moths through all the rodents, mole catching and bird control. 
For more information on any form of pest control give us a call and we can give you an no obligation quote. 
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