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Pest Control Maidenhead and Windsor from a local company 

With pests on the rise its important to know exactly who you have coming out to deal with them and some accountability, we are a local family run business and so we focus on providing the highest quality service possible. 
All to often pest control companies pose as being local through the internet and don't have any connection to the area, our technicians all work across the County so we get a feel for the area. This is important when dealing with species like rodents and birds as we can determine the likely entrance points for rodents and know the behaviour of the birds in that location. 
We aim to deliver a much different service from other pest control companies, we look at your property as if it were ours - we work on the basis of Integrated Pest Management and so rather than putting down poison, we set traps, track any likely routes into a building and then come up with a solution to proof it up. A far better way to eradicate rats, mice and squirrels than just poison - ours bring about long lasting control whilst theirs is only temporary. 
We do more than just pest control as we are licensed waste carriers and we can arrange to cut back overgrown gardens, remove old rotten sheds and heavily contaminated belongings - its a complete package. 
We are fully insured and members of the National Pest Technicians Association, we have also joined a Government backed scheme known as BASIS that aims to improve standards across the industry through continuous training and development. 
As a local pest control company we can have a technician out to you within 24 hours of receiving your call. 
Mouse Fly

Wasp Nest Removal in Maidenhead and Windsor  

Our approach to pest control is different and so we offer a 100% satisfaction on wasp and hornets nest; these should die off completely following treatment, if in the event that 24 hours after the first visit activity remains we will happily return and treat again for no extra charge. 
We will also look around the property to see if there are anymore active nests, these will be treated and included within the same price and with the same guarantee. No hidden charges and no sudden price hikes, we'll sort out your wasps or hornets for once and for all. 
Wasp on a leaf

Mole Catching in Maidenhead and Windsor 

We carryout mole catching right across the County from a small urban garden that may have just the one mole to large country estates where we will catch them in large numbers and even maintain a contract with them for regular sweeps and . 
Our mole catching is all done on traditional lines: we use old fashioned humane traps to catch them and we also work on a no catch no fee basis - if we don't catch a mole then you don't get the bill its as simple as that. 

Pigeon Control and Guano Cleaning in Maidenhead and Windsor 

Pigeons are a major problem right across Berkshire and any town with a water source and open areas will have a resident flock of pigeons, combine that with visitors to the town coming down to feed the swans and ducks and you'll have a flock that is breeding all year round. 
Pigeons mate for life and will have around 4 to 8 broods a year meaning that each pair of birds can produce around 16 young birds who by the end of the year are producing their own offspring. This all leads to problems where they start nesting and roosting on homes and balconies in town. 
We provide a balcony cleaning and bird removal service that does not harm the birds but just prevents them from getting onto your property leaving you free to enjoy that outdoor space. 

Rat, Mice and Squirrel Control in Maidenhead and Windsor 

A cute pest but still a pest, anyone who has had a squirrel get into their loft will testify to how destructive these rodents are; they will strip out the loft insulation to build a comfortable nest and they will shred up stored items like clothing as well. 
They will also gnaw holes through the fascia of the house popping their heads out along the top of the gutter and this may allow rainwater into the interior, they also defecate and urinate all over the loft creating a horrid smell. 
We trap squirrels and remove them from the property rather than use poison; squirrels will store up body fat and when poison is used there is no way of knowing where the animal will die - and then rot! 
After trapping we seal the hole they've made keeping out squirrels and birds; small birds like sparrows will use the old hole and then you have another pest problem. 

Bed bug control in Maidenhead and Windsor 

Bed bug infestations are on the increase due to modern travelling and these insects are quickly evolving ways to metabolise the toxic chemicals used in their control. We use a variety of new chemicals and watch the industry as they modify and develop new ranges of insecticides to combat this resistance. 
We also use heat in some form in all our treatments: insects cannot withstand high temperatures and so we inject steam at 180 degrees centigrade into your mattresses and bed frames to kill the insects and then we follow up with chemicals. 
For more intense infestations we can bring in portable heaters and raise the entire room temperature, killing all the insects as we go. 
Bed bugs

Cockroach control in Maidenhead and Windsor 

Another insect on the increase across the UK, cockroaches have taken advantage of our ability to move goods from factory to home in days. Cockroaches lay their egg's in a hard leathery case called an ootheca, this is stuck somewhere safe and that place can be in furniture or multipacks of goods which are then purchase from a cash and carry style supermarket. 
Secondhand goods are also vectors of cockroach infestations; every egg case is a complete population in one small package, by the time you notice that you've got cockroaches they will be adults and already breeding in your property. 
We use a variety of techniques to kill off these creepy crawlies, mapping out the size of the infestation with sticky traps as they will spread all over the property and we have to be certain that they've all been eradicated - one pregnant female and its all starts again. 
Cockroaches carry diseases and food establishments will be forced to close and fined through the Courts; a simple monthly monitoring contract is all you need to have a pest control company looking out for your interests - give us a ring. 
For more information on any form of pest control give us a call and we can give you an no obligation quote. 
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