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Pest Control in Sonning from a local company 

We are a local family run pest control business that has over 19 years experience in the industry; as a small independent company we don't look to treat every job as an exercise; with us its personal -if you've got pests we want to find out how to resolve it and leave you pest free. 
As a family based business we look at our customers through different eyes than a national one; our approach is much different. We don't resort to the use of poison every time for every rodent infestation like many others do; we investigate, trap and remove and seal up the entrance point for our rodent jobs whether its mice, rats or squirrels. 
We don't try and 'up sell' you loft clearances or monitoring contracts like nation companies do, nor, do we have special offers or seasonal sales. With us you don't get three visits for X pounds, we come out to your property with the intention of finding the access point, this we will seal if its possible. Rats can come into a property via a fault with the drainage system and if this is the case then you'll need major works to remedy the situation. 
We find that the drains and sewers is often the cause for many rat problems so we carryout CCTV drain surveys as PART of our treatment - there is no charge for these as it forms part of our investigation - we don't stick on additional charges for this or that - Our customers are our priority and we mean that. 
We work for some major businesses in Reading and the Thames Valley, including Reading Borough Council as our approach to pest control is different from many other pest control companies. Below is a summary of some of the works we carryout. 
Mouse Fly

Wasp Control in Sonning 

Providing a quality service is what we aim for and with wasps and hornets we offer something different to other companies: we guarantee our treatments for one, so in the event that we don't get rid of your wasp problem first time we will happily return to retreat - within 24 hours. 
Secondly our technicians wait to see the reaction of the wasps or hornets to the treatment; they will use this time to look around your property and see if they can find any additional nests - these will be treated FREE OF CHARGE and that treatment is included in the guarantee. 
Here at All Aspects Pest Control we don't hike up our prices and add-on additional charges - there's no sting with our wasp treatments! 
Wasp on a leaf

Mole Catching in Sonning 

Mole catching is no mystery, just because you never see a mole that doesn't mean that we don't understand their behaviour and what they're doing. Moles work on a structured cycle of four active hours followed by four hours of rest. 
We catch moles in Sonning the traditional way with humane traps and in a traditional manner - "No catch No fee". We only charge for proven results, so you only pay for the moles we catch; in the event that we catch nothing then you pay ... nothing. 
Can't say fair than that?  

Pigeon Control and Guano Cleaning in Sonning 

Feral pigeons live all over the area and they can be a real nuisance especially if they start nesting beneath solar panels on the roof; don't think to yourself that they'll soon go as once established they will not leave an area. 
We provide a wide range of bird control services from solar panel proofing to spiking and netting on balconies and cleaning up the mess the birds leave behind. We are licensed waste carriers and can removal any guano that they leave behind. 
If you've got a problem with pigeons - don't get in a flap - give us a call. 
Rat, Mice and Squirrel Control in Sonning 
We deal with all rodents in the same manner; ask anyone who has had experience of poison to control rats and mice they may tell you stories of dead animals rotting in the loft; horrible smells, plagues of flies and finally maggots. You won't have that experience with us as we use traps to catch and remove the animals! 
Our approach to rats, mice and squirrels in Sonning is to trap, investigate and learn the animals route into the property; once we know that we can seal up the entrance and finish trapping to leave you pest free for good. Its a system called Integrated Pest Management and that's how we do our rodent control, this includes drain surveys and materials. 
We accredited members of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use and as such our use of poison will always be considered last on our list of ways to control your rodent issue. 

Bed bug control in Sonning 

Bed bugs are an extremely common problem; easily picked up when travelling either from where you'd expect - hotel beds but also trains, buses and planes! These little bloodsucking insects are equipped with claws at the end of their legs and they will grab hold and cling on. 
Our busiest time of the year for bed bugs is September through to November which co-insides with the summer holiday period, bed bugs are developing a resistance to the chemicals used in their control so we always use some form of heat to combat these insects. 
High temperature steam or portable heaters that raise the entire room temperature are used along with the latest chemicals to help us control these bugs. 
Bed bugs

Cockroach control in Sonning 

Cockroaches are no joke as they spread disease and for commercial properties their presence can lead to the establishment being closed down and fined by the Courts; what many people don't realise is that they can easily be picked up. 
These insects are 'super bugs' able to survive even when their heads are cut off, food bought in bulk in the packaging from the supplier country can see the introduction of cockroaches are they lay their egg's in a large protective case called an ootheca. Likewise second hand kitchen furniture can be a method of transportation. 
We treat cockroaches with traps, sprayable chemicals and poison gels - for restaurants and hotels we provide routine monitoring looking for cockroaches, rats and mice. 
We deal with three species of cockroach - the American, German and Oriental cockroach are all considered pests; there is a cockroach that live sin gardens across the south of England which is harmless and not cockroach a problem. 
For more information on any form of pest control give us a call and we can give you an no obligation quote. 
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