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Pest Control in Wargrave from a local company 

Here at All Aspects Pest Control we are a family run business that is run by Tony (father) , Liam (son) and Mike (future son-in-law); we have been working in the pest control industry since 2000 and my connection in pest control goes back to 1983 when I worked as a mole catcher in Hurley. 
Based in Woodley we cover Wargrave and Sonning and offer a callout service within 24 hours of getting your call. We are a different breed of pest controller to what many people encounter in that we practise something called Integrated Pest Management. 
What IPM means is that when dealing with rodent pests: squirrels, rats and mice we do not turn up and resort to the use of poison straight away, our aim is to track the animals movements, identify the access point into the building, trap the animals to take them out of the property and then seal up the entrance - with our way of doing things we're get you pest free for good. 
Many other pest controllers will use poison on their first visit and that's all they'll do - we believe that this is a short cut to nowhere as you'll still have an open door for the next batch of rats to come through. 
We want to provide a service that would be similar to what we would like if the tables were turned and we had a problem at our home - professional pest control at the right price. 
This desire to provide the best quality service possible means that we work on behalf of Reading Borough Council, we service major blue chip companies across the region and we have a great reputation. 
We deal with all manner of pests from those in the insect species like wasps, hornets, moths and bed bugs, rodents being rats, mice and squirrels along with mole catching. We carryout bird control work and this ranges from large commercial projects to a simple balcony net and clean up. 
Trap Pesticide

Wasp Nest Removal in Wargrave 

We guarantee our wasp and hornet treatments for a successful outcome - if the nest doesn't die off within twenty four hours we will happily be back to treat it again.  
That's not all; as part of our commitment to provide the best service our technicians we survey your property and treat any other nests that they find for no extra charge - this is backed by that same guarantee as well. 
We don't treat bee's whether honey bee's or bumble bee's as many of these species can easily be re-homed; some don't even have a stinger so they pose no hazard. 
Dead wasp

Mole Catching in Wargrave 

We offer a service on mole catching which is based around our skill sets and what we think is right regarding mole catching - moles move around and if one pop's up in your lawn then there's no way of knowing when it will disappear. 
We work on a no catch means no fee basis - if we don't catch it then you don't get the bill; some companies charge up front - we know because we've been asked to catch their mole, if you have a mole you'll only pay us when we catch it. 
Can't say fairer than that? 

Pigeon Control and Guano Cleaning in Wargrave 

Pigeons are a resourceful animal and we have recently seen a change in behaviour as they adapt to the man made environment - we now deal with pigeons nesting beneath solar panels, a new problem facing many homeowners around the area. 
These birds cause a lot of mess and the guano or bird droppings that they leave behind are a source of bacteria, fungus and viruses; the nutrient rich matter is also host to a number of parasite species which in turn may pose problems when they get into the interior of a building. 
We work on both commercial and domestic properties, carrying out cleaning tasks and bird proofing works from installing nets over roof top A/C plant to a small domestic balcony - for us no job is too small or too large. 
Pigeon droppings known to us as guano leave slippery deposits as well as damage the buildings that they are deposited on; acids in the poo leach out minerals from stone, concrete, metals and eat away at paintwork - don't let pigeons spoil you building. 

Rodents - Rat's, Mice and Squirrel control in Wargrave 

As we work on the basis of IPM our service to you regarding the rodent species is focused on finding out how they're getting into the building - for us nothing else is more important that knowing that. 
As a standard part of our rat service we will investigate your drainage system with CCTV equipment - no extra charge unlike other pest control companies as we want to get you pest free. Having this technology means that we can pinpoint the route in of rats and although we can't make the major drain repairs we can at least point you to one of the best companies involved in rat prevention. 
With mice and squirrels we look at the entrance points, trap and then seal - no poison means no chance of something dying and rotting in your property. 
For more information on any form of pest control give us a call and we can give you an no obligation quote. 
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