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Pest Control in Windsor from a local company 

I think its important to be local, for one we have a better understanding of the problems in our area. For example some areas in Windsor are prone to problems with rats entering the property via the drains, we know these areas so when a customer phones us saying that they can hear noises in the loft, we have an idea of what pest is common in that area. Likewise squirrels can be mistaken for rats when in the loft; their droppings are almost identical and they will move around at night, we often see pest controllers treating the wrong rodent species so that local knowledge is important. 
Another important aspect of dealing with us is that we are a family run company, we are only as good as our last job and reputation is important to us; national companies and emergency call centres deal with thousands of callouts every week - its easy to see how people can get 'lost' in the system when you're working to a national level. 
We provide a pest control service for everyone, from a single wasp nest to large commercial companies like Reading Football Club - with us it doesn't matter who you are or what pest you've got, your our customer and that's whats important. 
We deal with insect pests like wasps and hornets in the summer, we guarantee these treatments and we will also check your property and treat any additional nests that we find: all within the same price. We don't feel that there is a need to hike up prices, you want the wasps gone and we are happy to oblige. 
Likewise with rats, we often find that they are getting into a property via the drains, as this route in is largely undetected we survey the drains with CCTV cameras to get to the route of the problem; we can't repair the drains but we can quickly determine the problem and maybe able to install a one way valve as a temporary measure. If you intend to get the drains repaired immediately we loan the valve at no cost, we will treat your home like it was our home. 
All rodents that are inside a property - squirrels, mice, rats and far to the north of Windsor in parts of Buckinghamshire glis glis are all trapped rather than poisoned off. Poisoning will most likely lead to a animal dying inside the building, if this is inaccessible then it will rot. A noxious smell, flies and maggots will then follow and if you haven't discovered the access point then you will certainly have this again sometime in the future. The use of rodenticide is a short cut - and that leads nowhere; we trap these animals, tracking the progress through the building with special dyes and this allows us to pinpoint the entrance. Once we have eradicated the pests we will seal up that opening meaning that you're done with the infestation - for good. 
We deal with all insects like bed bugs and cockroaches; both of these are becoming harder to treat as they are evolving to become resistant to the pesticides used in their control, they have become able to metabolise the chemicals reducing the toxic effects. To counter this we use heat as the first stage of all our bed bug treatments; unable to withstand high temperatures we start with this and use a cocktail of chemicals to overcome resistance. Cockroaches are treated with a variety of chemicals in different application methods - we literally throw the kitchen sink at them! 
Another pest species that we deal a lot with is the feral pigeon; there is a big pigeon problem in Windsor and we can provide a service of spiking and netting to deter them from an area. Netting is by far the best way to keep them off as it physically denies the area to them and we provide a service for domestic and commercial customers. Pigeons make a lot of mess and we also provide a pigeon cleaning service working on domestic balconies and roof tops all over the area. 
Mouse Fly Ant Rat
Have pests created a mess? We provide a waste clearance service in Windsor 
Its often the case with rats that the problem started with an accumulation of waste and redundant items like old sheds and outbuildings, we provide a clearance service for these type of situations and we also clean up contaminated lofts and store rooms, removing rubbish, rat feaces and cleaning the area afterwards. We are licensed waste carriers and this material is taken to an approved waste transfer station - documentation can be provided if required. 
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Wasp Control in Windsor 

A feature of summer; a average wasp nest will contain around several thousand wasps at its peak, if left then you may find that the Queens will overwinter inside and this means that you will have wasps in the spring trying to escape. 
All our wasp nest removals in Windsor are guaranteed and we aim for a same day callout for your peace of mind, we do not charge for any additional wasp nests that we find. 
We do not treat bee's - we have put together a file on hoverflies and bee's for identification -  
Wasp on a leaf

Mole Catching in Windsor 

We catch moles on a no catch = no fee basis and we provide a mole catching service in Windsor for a small lawn right up to a large country estate. 
We only use traditional trapping methods and as we work on a basis of proven success we will either take a photo of your mole if you don't want to see it or leave it with you sealed in a bag. 
We never charge up front for moles and we can provide a yearly contract if required. 

Pigeon Control and Guano Cleaning in Windsor 

Cleaning up after pigeons and providing pigeon proofing in Windsor is a large part of our workload; we find that they will roost beneath solar panels on roof tops and we can void this area off we a mesh 'skirt'. 
Pigeons leave behind bacteria and viruses in their feathers and guano; this becomes a toxic mess which promotes the growth of fungus; this in itself becomes hazardous so leaving pigeons in close proximity is not really a sensible option. 
Pigeons are a health hazard and we can prevent their access and clean up their mess - don't let pigeons give you the bird - give us a ring. 
Rat, Mice and Squirrel Control in Windsor 
We deal with all the rodent species in pretty much the same way: Integrated Pest Management is at the heart of what we do. For us its a case of identifying the access point, removing the animals and then sealing up to keep you vermin free. 
Whether mice, rats or squirrels we do not set an number of callouts for the job, we're there until we achieve control of the situation. With serious drain issues we can provide you with reports and point you in the direction of reputable repair companies. 
We remove the bodies for you - something that using poison cannot do and we belong to an organistion called CRRU - the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticde Use, meaning that for us the use of poison is as a last resort and not the first and only means of dealing with rodents. 

Bed bug control in Windsor 

Bed bug infestations are on the rise, there are telltale signs to look out for if you suspect that you have picked these parasites up: 
Blood spots on sheets; the insects suck up blood and eject the liquid part, they will feed several times and revisit the host every few days. The blood spots appear in clusters around their harbourage sites so look at the mattress seam and the bed frame where there are crevices and cracks. 
Discarded skins; as they grow they moult their old outer skeleton and these will appear around these harbourage sites, they look like a peanut skin - oval in shape and a pinky red colour. 
Bed bugs

Cockroach control in Windsor 

The most common cockroach in Windsor is the German cockroach and these are found just about everywhere, second hand appliances and furniture can all hold an infestation, along with food bought in bulk packaging. The female cockroach lays here eggs in a protective case which is stuck into position, as each case holds around 30 to 35 eggs you can see how one case can lead to a full blown infestation. 
We provide a regular pest monitoring service for commercial properties, looking out for cockroaches and rodents and preventing any infestation before it starts. 
For more information on any form of pest control give us a call and we can give you an no obligation quote. 
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