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Pest Control in Winnersh from a local company 

All Aspects Pest Control is a local company based just in Woodley; we are a family run business employing father: Tony Smith, son: Liam Smith and future son in law: Mike Cook. We have been providing pest control services in Berkshire for over 18 years. 
We deal with all pests, the insects like wasps and ants, cockroaches and bed bugs along with all rodents: rats, mice, squirrels and to the north of us Glis glis - the edible dormouse. We carryout mole catching and we are experts in controlling birds like pigeons and starlings. 
Always looking to innovate and always learning, for rat problems we carryout CCTV drain inspections locating defects used by the rats deep underground and normally out of sight. 
We follow guidelines laid down by the Campaign for Responsible Use of Rodenticide meaning that we start our rodent treatments with trapping and we will only use poison in your home as a last resort, we're not happy to use rodenticde inside your home as we use any rodents we trap to show us the way that they got in by using tracking dusts and gels. 
We are fully insured and members of the National Pest Technicians Association, we have also joined a Government backed scheme known as BASIS that aims to improve standards across the industry through continuous training and development. 
As a local pest control company we can have a technician out to you within 24 hours of receiving your call. 
Mouse Fly

Wasp Control in Winnersh 

We aim to provide our customers with the highest standards possible and this shows up in our approach to wasp treatments; we guarantee all our treatments so in the case that the nest doesn't die off within 24 hours we will return to retreat without charge. 
We will also check your property and in the event we find another nest or nests these are included in the price and covered by the guarantee. 
Here at All Aspects Pest Control we don't hike up our prices and add-on additional charges - there's no sting with our wasp treatments! 
Wasp on a leaf

Mole Catching in Winnersh 

Mole catching is done on a basis of no catch then no fee; we feel that its only fair to offer this to our customers as moles are elusive creatures and can move into an area overnight and move out of the area just as quick. 
Many pest control companies will charge over the phone, if the technician fails to catch or the mole disappears then you've paid out for ... nothing. 
We're confident in our ability to catch moles so we have nothing to fear from our charging policy - its rare for a mole to get away from us. 

Pigeon Control and Guano Cleaning in Winnersh 

Bird control is an essential part of our job and we carryout bird proofing for pigeons nesting underneath solar panels; this area is dry and safe from predators and so its become a recent problem for homeowners when the birds take up nesting here. 
We install a metal mesh 'skirt' around the lower edge of the panels meaning that the birds can no longer access the harbourage and they will soon leave the site. 
We clean up bird guano and provide netting and spiking solutions for both domestic and commercial customers preventing birds from roosting and nesting in many environments. 

Rat, Mice and Squirrel Control in Winnersh 

We group these pests together as they are all rodents and we treat them all in a similar way; as stated in the introduction we don't agree with a straight to poison approach or the use of poison as the only form of control for mice, rats and squirrels. 
Its lazy. These animals can all be trapped and used to indicate their access point into a building whether domestic or commercial; all too often we pick up work which another company treated with rodenticide but failed to address the important issue of the rodents point of entrance. 
We track, we survey your drains with CCTV equipment and we determine the entrance for the rodents, once we are at that point we will seal this up and finish trapping leaving you pest free for good - all for a set price. 
We don't hike up our charges or recommend 'add-on' service like drains surveys as an extra charge - we just get on with the job. 

Bed bug control in Winnersh 

Bed bugs are one insect pest that is on the rise in Winnersh and elsewhere, across the industry we have a cause for concern as these adaptable insects are developing chemical resistance to some of the insecticides that we use. 
To combat this we only use new cutting edge chemicals and even a new innovate non-toxic chemical that kills insects by throwing a three dimensional micro - mesh over the insects - mind blowing. 
All our bed bug treatments are backed up by some form of heat: high temperatures take all insects through whats called the thermal death point - at 44 degrees centigrade bed bugs die so we use either entire room heaters at 60 degrees or steam appliances at 180 degrees - guaranteed to kill. 
Bed bugs

Cockroach control in Winnersh 

Cockroaches can be a problem if you are involved in food handling, preparation or storage a cockroach infestation can cost you much more than a pest control treatment. As they spread disease the Local Authority Environmental Health department will close an establishment down if they find cockroaches, you will then be subject to Court action, a fine and the loss of consumer confidence. 
We provide regular pest monitoring for commercial properties, looking out for cockroaches and rodents and preventing an infestation before it starts. 
Domestic properties also get cockroaches; food bought in bulk may have an egg case stuck safe inside and when this hatches you'll have a ready made infestation. Second kitchen appliances all bring with them the risk of cockroaches and we find this a common occurrence in our domestic work. 
A new species that has been in the UK for a few years coming up from the Mediterranean is the garden cockroach - completely harmless and no more dangerous than a woodlouse, we are yet to see them in Winnersh but they have spread across the south of England. 
For more information on any form of pest control give us a call and we can give you an no obligation quote. 
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