Professional pest control in Woodley  

When it comes to effective pest control it’s a wise choice to use a local company; for one we have a detailed knowledge of the area and the problems faced. When it comes to rodent pests that are inside a building and especially rats, a pest controller needs some background to understand how they are getting inside a property and what they can do to prevent them. 
National companies will approach internal rodent infestations with a straight to the use of poison as their only means of control, this method may not pinpoint the animals access point and the use of rodenticide may leave you with dead rats or squirrels decomposing inside the walls or ceilings. 
With All Aspects Pest Control, we always trap for internal rodents, we have the option of using rodenticide and may need to use this if the infestation is very large or long running but our aim is to fully understand how the rats, mice or squirrels got in and then bring the treatment to conclusion by proofing the building to stop them in the future. 
As a local company we use our background knowledge to quickly get to the root of the problem and as an example we may carryout a CCTV drain survey immediately if we think that the drains are suspect to determine if this is so and get a conclusion to the infestation quickly. 
As a local pest control company, we are also on hand for things like collecting caught animals and we work over the entire week rather than a five day service. 

Total pest control in Woodley 

We cover a wide range of pests and these are listed below, each section contains a link to take you to our website where we cover the pests and treatments in greater detail. 
Carrion fly

Fly control in Woodley  

Flies are a nuisance in a domestic setting, but they can indicate that there are problems with things like drains or in a terraced situation or a block of flats, carrion flies may indicate that there is a rodent problem somewhere in the building. Here at All Aspects Pest Control, we deal with all types of fly problem and for commercial customers we fit fly screens and electric fly killer machines. 

Mole catching in Woodley  

Moles are a gardener’s worst nightmare and they can pop up just about anywhere, mole catching was how we started in pest control and we work on a no catch means no fee basis. We use traditional mole traps and work on proven results, we work on golf courses, private estates and in a small garden. No mole job is too big or too small for All Aspects Pest Control. 

Rat catching in Woodley  

They say that you’re never more than six feet away from a rat and with an estimated population of 120 million of them in the UK then I’m not surprised that our Number 1 pest is the rat. We provide rat catching in Woodley for domestic and commercial customers and our service includes CCTV drain surveys at no extra cost; when it comes to rats we look harder and further. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Woodley  

A summer pest that is found all over Woodley and the surrounding areas, wasps and hornets are a problem from April right through the summer, even in December we’ll find active wasps in some sheltered areas. We work seven days a week to deliver a wasp nest removal service in Woodley and we aim to get to you within 24 hours of your call, in addition, we guarantee all our wasp and hornet treatments. 

Ant control in Woodley  

Most people assume that an ant is an ant? However, we have invasive species in the UK that hail from tropical countries and these can be difficult to eradicate, we cover garden ants and again, these are a summer pest. It is the exotic ants like Pharaoh ants and Acrobatic ants that give us the hardest time and more information on these can be found on our main website: do not use over the counter insecticides on these species of ant! 

Cockroach control in Woodley 

Cockroaches are developing a strong defence to insecticides and quickly becoming immune to pesticides used in their control, this means that cockroach infestations are becoming more and more common and here at All Aspects Pest Control we have a wide range of different insecticides and application methods to combat the hardest of cockroach infestations in Woodley. 
Bed bug

Bed bug treatments in Woodley  

Another insect that is forming immunities to insecticides, bed bugs are extremely common in Woodley and they have nothing to do with hygiene or a lack off; these insects hitch hike, and you can literally pick them up anywhere. All to often we see people who have been struggling to control these pests, we use high temperature heat and a mixture of chemicals to control bed bugs in Woodley. 

Beetle treatments in Woodley  

There are many different types of beetle that we can find infesting homes in Woodley, from carpet beetles, larder beetles to drugstore beetles, these insect pests are becoming more frequent as our summers get hotter and longer. We use a range of different chemicals to control every type of beetle that you may have a problem with. 

Mice control in Woodley  

Woodley is a hotspot for mice, and these tend to be field mice, surrounded as we are by Dinton Pastures, Ashenbury Park and the agricultural land that borders Sonning we see a lot of mouse problems in Woodley. As these are classed as field mice, we will not use poison in their control, we proof and trap to eradicate mice; these animals are the base of the food chain for owls and kestrels and should never be poisoned. 
carpet moth

Moth treatments in Woodley  

One of the commonest moth problems in Woodley are carpet moths and these can be eradicated through the use of insecticides; we also see moths in Woodley that are associated with stored food products such as the Indian Meal moth which can be dealt with by throwing out contaminated food stuffs and keeping fresh food in sealed containers. 

Squirrel control in Woodley  

The squirrel that we deal with in Woodley is the north American grey Squirrel and this is a highly invasive species that is a real pest. Able to jump over five times their body length and run up vertical brick walls we often find these pests living in lofts all over Woodley and our method of control will always be to trap and remove the dead animals, you can poison squirrels, but it is ill advised as they will certainly die inside the house. 

Pigeon control in Woodley  

We deal with feral pigeons and not wood pigeons in Woodley, the feral pigeon species routinely nests underneath solar panel systems and they have become a major pest over the last few years as their numbers are now out of control. We are experts in delivering pigeon control not just in Woodley but over the south east of England. 

Flea control in Woodley  

Any pest owner will testify to the problem of fleas, these insects are slowly developing immunity to many of the over the counter pesticides used in their treatment and so they are becoming an increasing pest problem. We can provide a flea eradication service as we use different chemicals and have a variety of application methods. 

Why choose All Aspects Pest Control in Woodley? 

Why choose All Aspects Pest Control? For one we are a family run business with years of pest control experience, secondly, we understand the area and our local knowledge allows us to quickly pinpoint pest access points enabling us to get the problem under control quicker. We are also fully qualified in pest control; many larger companies choose to train their staff in-house with just the minimum qualifications to use rodenticide, we don’t think that’s a good idea. The main reason that you should choose us is that we aim to deliver a comprehensive service that gets right through to the cause of the problem and solves it for good. We believe in good old values in delivering a service in the same manner that we would wish to receive it. 

Commercial Pest Control in Woodley  

We offer pest control services that range from a small corner shop right up to a local topflight football stadium. Our aim is to protect your business reputation using a proven method of prevention, control, elimination, and management of the environment. 

Domestic Pest Control in Woodley  

We keep our domestic pest control services low cost but still provide good quality; we don’t work on a number of ‘set’ visits and the use of rat poison to control your problem; we work on identifying the access point and sealing this up to leave you pest free for good. 

Professional Pest Control throughout Woodley  

We deal with all types of pests in Woodley and throughout Berkshire and the surrounding counties. Whether you need a simple wasp nest removal or help dealing with rats in the loft we provide a quality service driven by results. 
Rats in a house in Earley 
"After recurring rat problems, Tony from All Aspects Pest Control finally solved my problem. Rather than just killing off the rats for a few months Tony actually did diagnostics on mine and my neighbours property and worked hard to find the actual entrance point. He was very thorough and was determined to solve my problem once and for all. He did an excellent job and I highly recommend him! If you have a rat problem, Tony should be your first call.
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