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Bed bug heat treatment in Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham and Maidenhead Getting bitten at night by bed bugs in your mattress? We can help with a bed bug heat treatment. 

Bed bug heat treatment in Wokingham and Reading 

As a professional pest controller working throughout Reading and Wokingham we know that bed bugs are becoming harder and harder to eradicate with chemicals, these nasty little insects have evolved to feed off humans over thousands of years from their origins as bat bugs and they continue their evolution, becoming more and more resistant to the insecticides that we use. 
There are two strains of bed bug; Cimex hempiterus (the tropical bed bug) and Cimex lectularius (the common bed bug) that we routinely deal with; we are seeing a rise in infestations for both of these insects which is down to modern living, foreign holidays, centrally heating homes and human migration. Its thought by some entomologists that bed bugs were originally bat bugs; when our early ancestors shared caves with these bugs they adapted by shedding their body hair to feed on us and live in our bedding material.  
The earliest recorded evidence of a human feeding bed bug presense comes from an Egyptian site and dates back to 1300BC. The hot dry climate dried out the remains of bed bugs which have been found in what is thought to be sleeping chambers of those early Egyptians - I wonder if they told their Mummy? 
Are there any seasonal changes in bed bug callouts? 
Certainly for us in the pest control industry we see a marked increase of bed bug treatments all around Reading and Wokingham after the summer holidays; always check mattresses and the headboard when you’re staying in holiday accommodation; little black dots and orange casings (shed skin as the bed bugs grow) are a sure sign that you won’t be sleeping alone! 
Bed bugs have shown themselves to be able to adapt and increase resistance to the chemicals that professional pest controllers use in their treatments, bed bugs are also developing resistance to desiccating dusts that we can apply as an alternative to a chemical attack. 
What are desiccating dusts and how do they kill bed bugs? 
These dusts are created from limestone which has been ground down to a fine powder; limestone is made up of millions of microscopic plankton fossils and these all have sharp edges. For the bed bugs crawling through the dust would be like crawling through broken glass. 
All insects have a thick waxy coating over their exoskeleton which prevents them from dehydrating, bed bugs are adapting to the use of desiccating dusts by producing a thicker coating of this wax. However in the war on bed bugs this also means that we can exploit their adaptation and use high temperatures to cook them in their own skin: the Thermal Death Point! 
Bed bugs
What is the thermal death point of bed bugs? 
For adult bed bugs temperatures above 45*C, will kill and for the eggs, that requires’ temperatures of 46*C to eradicate. However for the pest controller to ensure that the temperature travels into voids and insulated materials like mattresses and sofas, we apply temperatures of 60*C for 90 minutes. 
With bed bug treatments what are the advantages of heat to chemicals? 
Heat gives us a second option when treating bed bugs, no-one wants these pests and if the chemicals aren’t working then heat will work as there are no forms of resistance to the thermal death point. Also some people don’t like the idea of chemicals and want to minimise their exposure as much as possible: so by offering the heat solution to bed bugs we can meet the wishes of those customers. 
If heat can kill bed bugs what about cold? 
As part of our treatment plan we always caution customers to complete the bed bug treatment by dealing with their clothing as bed bugs hitch hike and may have lain egg's within. One way to do that is by freezing items of clothing, at temperatures below -10*C bed bugs can survive for five days while only 15 minutes exposure to -32*C kills all bed bugs. We recommend that when freezing clothingat least four days at -19*C is sufficient. 
Our heat treatment service for bed bugs 
Kills all stages of bed bug developments  
100% safe as we can do this with or without the additional use of chemicals 
Discreet – takes a few hours and hotel rooms are ready for occupancy immediately afterwards 
Bed bug heat treatments are ideal for hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation and care homes; by using this technique the rooms are ready for use within hours. We will move furniture to allow heat to penetrate but once this is moved back and the room vacuumed to remove any dead bed bugs, the heat will dissipate and the room is ready. 
Bed bug infestations
We can heat treat your bed bug problems from as 
little as £250. 
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Chart showing hiding places of bed bugs; treatments have to extremely thorough with 100% coverage to successfully deal with these bloodsucking insects. 
Bed bug hiding places Chemical treatments for bed bugs Heat treatment for bed bugs
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