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I've heard the term invasive species with regards to rabbits, what does this mean? 
It’s widely thought that rabbits were introduced into Britain by the Normans in the 11th Century for their meat and fur; in fact they are a native species from Spain where the term Iberia means ‘land of the rabbits’. They were successfully farmed by the Romans as far back as the 2nd Century and were valued then for their meat and fur and were closely guarded; its most likely rabbits came to Britain along with the Romans. Rabbits are incredibly successful at adapting and have spread to every habitual continent in the world. 
Rabbits are common throughout Berkshire and a major pest due to their explosive breeding and their feeding habits. Rabbits typically breed from January through to July but warmer winters mean that they can easily breed all through the year, the female rabbits reach breeding maturity at 3 – 4 months old and can give birth to around four litters a year. The average size of a litter of rabbit kittens is 5; a single female rabbit can lead to 200 offspring in a year 
What damage do rabbits do? 
Rabbits cause extensive damage with their digging they also contaminant the soil where they live with their urine and droppings meaning only weeds will grow 
As well as digging seven adult rabbits eat as much grass as a full grown sheep; rabbits devastate vegetation and farmers lose over £100 million pounds of crops in Britain every year to rabbits. In winter where crop growth reduces with lower light levels, rabbits will start chewing bark from tree's particularly saplings. The damage that they cause is known as ring stripping and kills the tree resulting in financial losses and destruction of habitat. Another problem is that they tunnel under roads and into embankments causing unstable ground and expensive repairs to road and rail infrastructure  
How long can rabbits live for? 
It’s possible for rabbits to live for nine years in the wild, as an introduced species the adult rabbit only has the fox as a predator. 

Professional rabbit culling with ferrets and gassing compounds 

We carry out rabbit control throughout Berkshire using traditional proven methods of ferrets and traps and modern gassing compounds where appropriate. Section One of the Pests Act 1954 obliges all landowners to take responsibility for destroying wild rabbits on their land and for taking steps to prevent them causing damage, although the Act is now no longer enforceable it is a continuing obligation on the landowner. 
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