Pigeon control throughout Bracknell and Ascot 

Towns like Bracknell have large populations of feral pigeons and getting rid of these birds is not easy on your own, with an inbred homing instinct and little fear of us, these birds can become attached to their roost and nesting sites and become difficult to dislodge. 
A single pair of pigeons can produce as many as ten broods over the course of a year and so a small pigeon problem can quickly become a major one. When the pressure of nesting sites is really high, the birds will lay eggs on any flat surface if need be, so getting rid of pigeons is not just a case of removing nests 

Pigeon Identification and Behaviour 

Being able to identify feral pigeons and acquiring an understanding of their behaviour can help you to choose the right pigeon deterrent. 
The common feral pigeon is a large bird with a short neck and a small head. They have short legs with level front and hind toes that allow them to perch on branches as well as walk on flat surfaces; its common to see these birds walking almost as much as flying. 
The feral pigeon is generally blue grey in colour although many piebald patterns exist as they will mate with white doves, the pigeon has a white rump and iridescent feathers on the head and neck 

Pigeon nesting 

Pigeon nests are very simple structures and often consists of a few stiff twigs bound together with droppings. The male bird will pick the site for the nest and they prefer small flat areas away from the ground. Ideal nest sites will be along building ledges, on bridge supports, underneath air conditioning units, even on window sills, and anywhere where there is overhead cover. In a crowded situation, pigeons may even leave nest building and lay eggs directly onto a flat surface like a protected ledge. 
pigeon nesting in a pot

Pigeon breeding 

Pigeons will mate for life and form a strong bond with each other, a mating pair will typically have three or four broods through the year, however when they have a quiet undisturbed roost and plentiful access to food, they can produce ten broods over the length of a year. 
Pigeon eggs are a solid bright white colour and these take roughly 18 days to hatch and then a further 35 days before the fledglings are ready to leave the nest. 
two pigeons mating

Pigeon cycles 

Pigeons are not a migratory species of bird and their natural instinct is to stay near their birth site.  
This trait gives the pigeon a very determined personality when it comes to roosting at a site as they form a strong attachment to their 'home'. When pigeons have been living on a building for a length of time they are difficult to move off and this is where our expertise comes in. 
two pigeons

Pigeon Control: How To Get Rid Of Pigeons in Bracknell 

The feral pigeon population in Bracknell is extremely high and there is considerable pressure on the birds to find and start nesting, because these birds were once domesticated and used for food, they are comfortable living alongside us. 
This can make it difficult to dislodge a flock once that they have moved onto a site and prevention can be easier than actual pigeon removal, we always recommend a proactive approach with the use of deterrent products as soon as the birds begin roosting on the property. 
If you find yourself with a flock of pigeons already living on your property, the immediate action that you can take is to remove any sources of food and water from the site. 
On its own, this won’t resolve the problem and here at All Aspects Pest Control we offer a number of solutions to deter and prevent pigeons from resting on your building. The correct deterrent will solve your pigeon problem for good. 

Pigeon control solutions in Bracknell and Ascot - selecting the correct deterrent 

Selecting the correct bird deterrent depends on two factors – the area that has the problem and the degree of infestation; when we talk about effective bird control, we use the term pressure to explain how the infestation works. 
• Low pressure – in the instance the birds will alight and rest for short periods, they are not committed to the site and will not stay for long. 
• Medium pressure – the birds will stay for long periods of time, there is food and water nearby and they may roost overnight. 
• High pressure – the birds are committed to the site, they have started nesting and they are going to be difficult to dislodge. 
The choice of bird deterrent depends on the level of pressure, if you select a low-pressure deterrent and install this in a high pressure setting, it will fail. A good example of this is when you see a pigeon that has built its nest on top of a row of bird spikes; spiking is a low-pressure tool and where the birds are in a high pressure environment, they simply drop twigs into the open crown of the spikes and build a nest on that. 

Bird spikes 

Useful to prevent pigeons from landing and perching as they will not want to rub their feathers against an object. Feathers are fragile structures and need a lot of maintenance, when these get damaged the birds will pull them out and so they prefer not to rest up against an object. 
Low pressure 

Post and rail / bird coil 

A system of metal posts that are strung with a tensioned wire, similar in use to spiking but with a much nicer finish, we install these systems on either long runs like parapets and ledges or on ornate architectural finishes on older buildings. Bird coil is a long continuous coil of wire held in place with clips. 
Low to medium pressure 
three pigeons perching

Bird Gel 

This is an optical deterrent; pigeons see in the ultraviolet spectrum and when sunlight plays across the surface, the reflection mimics that of fire and so deters the birds from landing and roosting. Only effective where adequate amounts of sunlight plays on the surface. 
Low pressure 
pigeons on a roof

Solar panel proofing 

A common problem in Bracknell as these systems make ideal nest sites, we install what is considered the best deterrent on the market. We attach a row of adjustable stainless-steel spikes to the rim of the panels voiding off the space underneath, guaranteed for ten years this is the ultimate pigeon deterrent for solar panels. 
High pressure. 
solar panels

Daddi-long Legs 

A rotating circular row of weighted metal wires that spin in the wind, these will prevent pigeons from accessing an area in the circumference of the device and these are particularly useful for smaller areas like lamp posts and chimney stacks. 
Medium to high pressure 

Bird netting 

The best deterrent against any bird especially feral pigeons, a wire frame is made and then a net is strung across and around the area that needs to be sealed off, incredibly versatile as any space can be enclosed. We apply these systems to domestic properties along with commercial ones, guaranteed for five years.. 
All pressures 
netting on a balcony

Professional pigeon control service in Bracknell 

Here at All Aspects Pest Control we have over 19 years of experience in general pest control and over the years we have become experts in providing professional pigeon control services. 
From installing the correct deterrent to cleaning up the mess left behind the birds we can talk you through the scale of the problem, what the likely reaction of the birds will be to any deterrent and what is the best way of keeping the birds off your property. 
We provide services to small domestic balconies and roof top solar panel systems to larger commercial applications such as covering pipework in covered car parks and around roof top air conditioning plant. 
We offer a free consultation and a no obligation quote for the works and if you have a pigeon problem that you want rid off then get in touch 
Just call us on 07967 360 000 
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Guano clean up and balcony netting in Reading 
"Thoroughly professional service from both Tony and Liam - used the form on the website to explain the detail of my pigeon guano issue and had a phone call back from Liam the next business day to arrange a visit to get a quote. Kept informed throughout the whole process of the cost, when it would be done, how long it would take etc etc. Job was completed on a Saturday morning (netting for the balcony and guano removal) thoroughly professionally and they were cleaned up and finished before lunchtime. Would recommend their services to anyone with any sort of pest problem. Would give more than 5 stars if Google allowed it :)
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