Complete Pigeon Control: How To Get Rid Of Pigeons throughout High Wycombe 

No matter where your property is and no matter its size, feral pigeons can be a major pest problem and here at All Aspects Pest Control we have become leaders in delivering high quality pigeon control services and post infestation cleaning, not only in towns like Reading but all over the Southeast of England. 
The feral pigeon population is on the increase and consequently demand for nest sites is now at a premium, as the numbers rise so younger birds need to find a new roost and nesting site and this means that many people who were previously unaffected by the birds, suddenly find themselves with a pigeon problem. 

Total pigeon control solutions in High Wycombe from a local company 

These birds do not migrate and so they form a strong attachment to their birth site, having been partially domesticated, they are also unafraid of mankind and actually prefer to live alongside us for food and protection. 
These two attributes combine with a nonstop breeding cycle to make a perfect storm of pest activity; once lodged on a building they will be extremely difficult to dislodge and with young birds present, many people are reluctant to take action themselves. 
We have the solution to any pigeon problem in High Wycombe through the installation of bird netting that forms a solid, almost invisible barrier which keeps the birds out of their roosting and nesting areas. Over the last 19 years we have installed hundreds of nets on small balconies where the birds have been nesting to covering roof top air conditioning machinery where their fouling has turned the area into a toxic workplace. 
Cherry picker
netting over an office window
van under netting
netting in London

The problem of having pigeons in High Wycombe 

Feral pigeons have a bad reputation and deservedly so, often called flying rats these birds will scavenge for just about any food stuffs that they can get their beaks on. Where most species of birds have adapted into carrion, seed or fish eaters, the feral pigeon will eat just about anything that they come across and this adaption means that they can rear young birds throughout the year and not just when the season is right. 
The problem with pigeons is that what goes in, must eventually come and out and these birds produce around a kilogram of droppings each month. The constant production of a semi-solid, high nutrient mass means that this matter is highly toxic and quickly becomes a safety issue whether on a domestic building or a commercial one. 
An added issue with the bird poop is the high acid content and the way in which it quickly attacks whatever material it rests on. The main issues with having pigeons are: 
• Pigeon guano blocking rainwater management systems 
• The toxic nature of the guano and the sheer amount left behind 
• Old nesting material adding to the rainwater blockages 
• Dead birds fouling the area 
• The corrosive nature of the bird’s discharge and the hidden but accumulating maintenance costs 
• The negative impact of the mess left behind and the noise made by a flock of resident pigeons 

Pigeon control in High Wycombe and what we can do 

We have over 19 years of experience in the pest control industry and through these many years, we have gained a great deal of insight into how to successfully control pigeons. We hold IPAF qualifications that allow us to hire and use hydraulic access equipment meaning that we can comply with health and safety legislation when it comes to delivering quality pigeon control services in High Wycombe. 
As a locally based pest control company we can offer a quick response and free site surveys where we can talk through the options available to use and how we can get rid of your pigeon problem for good. 
We are experts in delivering a range of pigeon control services from installing spiking, bird netting and solar panel proofing. We also offer a guano cleaning service, we can safely remove and sanitise an area which has previously been home to pigeons, returning your home or business address back to you after we have got rid of the birds. 
bird netting
Netting over roof top plant
netting at Sainsburys
When installed, our pigeon netting will go on working, keeping the birds off your building, day after day for many years, we have over 19 years’ experience in general pest control and providing bird control services throughout Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and parts of West London. 
Our technicians are fully trained in the industry, and they hold IPAF qualifications to hire and use hydraulic access equipment for safe access to difficult to reach areas. 
If you want a no obligation quote for pigeon control in High Wycombe and right across the South East then get in touch with us. Our site surveys are free, and we can talk you through the problem and the correct solution. 

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Guano clean up and balcony netting in Reading 
"Thoroughly professional service from both Tony and Liam - used the form on the website to explain the detail of my pigeon guano issue and had a phone call back from Liam the next business day to arrange a visit to get a quote. Kept informed throughout the whole process of the cost, when it would be done, how long it would take etc etc. Job was completed on a Saturday morning (netting for the balcony and guano removal) thoroughly professionally and they were cleaned up and finished before lunchtime. Would recommend their services to anyone with any sort of pest problem. Would give more than 5 stars if Google allowed it :)
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