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Do you have a problem with feral pigeons nesting on your building? These birds are a major nuisance throughout towns and cities all over the south east as the pigeon flocks keep growing in size. 
As the bird population increases so do the problems associated with the birds; noise, mess, dead bird carcases and loads of droppings. More people are now reporting having pigeons nesting on their building than ever before 

Total effective pigeon control in Reading and throughout Berkshire 

Why are the pigeons nesting on my property? 
Due to the increasing numbers of birds, space for nesting is at a premium and as the pigeon population expands, pressure is put on the younger birds to mate and start their own brood. These birds form a strong bond, and they will mate for life; each breeding pair will produce between 8 and 10 chicks a year, so you can see how the population is rapidly growing. As the best nesting sites get taken, younger pairs of birds will move to any location that gives them protection for their nest. 
This means that buildings that previously never had a pigeon problem are now reporting themselves besieged by these birds. If you have had enough of the disturbance and noise, then the most effective way to prevent pigeons from nesting on your property is through the installation of bird netting, netting provides a physical barrier and stops the birds from accessing their nesting sites meaning that they will move on to someplace else. 

Bird netting the ultimate pigeon solution in Reading and throughout Berkshire.  

Why do we consider that bird netting is the best way of preventing birds from nesting on your property? To answer this question, we need to fully understand these birds and their relationship with us. Pigeons were, and still are today, bred for their meat and its this reliance on us for food and shelter that leads to the problems that we have with pigeons today. 
These birds depend on what food they can scavenge from us and they also depend on our homes and businesses for shelter on which they’ll happily nest all year round. Other species of birds will have defined breeding seasons based on better weather and a chosen food supply, not our pigeons. As they became domesticated so they are able to breed all year long and given protection from the weather, this they will do. 
These birds need overhead cover to keep the wind and rain off the nest and any roof projection, space under machinery or even a large ledge will do and so you’ve got all the right conditions for a flock of pigeons and the best way to prevent this is by voiding off this space with bird netting. 
Bird netting

How can bird netting resolve our pigeon problem?  

The birds are using any overhead cover for protection from the weather so the idea behind netting is that we can barrier off a large area that encompasses this protected zone. Bird nets by their very design can be as large as required; with a wide range of fittings and supports available to us, there is no restriction on how big the nets can be. 
Bird netting can also be installed in any aspect, either vertical or horizontal, and when correctly fitted there is no option for the birds to return to the old roost so they will move away from your building when the need to nest takes over. 
Van parked underneath bird net

Where can anti-bird nets be erected?  

The simple answer to that question is: we can install these nets anywhere, there are a wide range of perimeter fixings available that enable us to create a metal wire frame which the net is attached to. 
Using free standing supports we can cover entire rooftops with bird netting, but usually we see the demand for nets on features such as the open face of domestic balconies where the pigeons will roost and defecate all over the base of the balcony. 
Another common usage for nets are the undersides of loading bays where the birds rest on the steel supports, here they defecate onto vehicles and staff below creating a hazardous working environment. 
As different colours are available: black, clear and stone, we can cover the face of a building preventing the birds from sitting on decorative features and window ledges and this is particularly useful on older buildings where pigeon guano causes a great deal of damage to the building fabric. 

Why do we need to have bird netting on our building?  

Once pigeons have settled onto a building, they will be very difficult to dislodge due to pressure from other birds and the lack of suitable nest sites. Visual methods such as optical plastic strips, plastic owls and even flying birds of prey over the site will fail because these birds are anything but stupid. 
When you have pigeons nesting on your building you will have three separate problems: noise, mess and corrosion. The first problem is noise, these birds will be awake at dawn, during the winter months that’s not too much of a problem but as the days lengthen, you can expect them to start up at 4 o’clock in the morning making sleep impossible. 
Mess: these birds create a lot of mess, from discarded feathers, empty eggshells, dead birds and of course, their droppings. It’s the droppings that cause the corrosion, bird poo is highly acidic, and these birds produce around a kilogram of it every month. Their droppings will eventually fill and block rainwater gutters and downpipes leading to issues with water runoff and even flooding. 
However, the greatest damage caused by pigeon droppings is where the acid contained within the droppings, slowly eats away at the surfaces covered in the muck; wood, concrete, paint and even steel will all be attacked and degrade under this acidic mass. This is where hidden costs occur as the bird droppings literally eats away at the fabric of the building causing long term, serious damage. 

All Aspects Pest Control - local pigeon control in Reading 

You can expect a bird net installed from All Aspects Pest Control to last for over ten years and we guarantee all our installations as long as the net isn’t cut, these nets will go on working, keeping pigeons off your building, day after day for years. 
To avoid things like contractors cutting the net for access into the void, we can install zips and create doors to allow entry, and this is useful when covering roof top machinery. 
We have over 19 years’ experience in general pest control and providing bird control services throughout Berkshire and parts of West London, our technicians are fully trained, and they hold IPAF qualifications to hire and use hydraulic access equipment for safe access to difficult to reach areas. 
If you want a no obligation quote for pigeon control in Reading, throughout Berkshire and right across the South East then get in touch with us. Our site surveys are free, and we can talk you through the problem and the correct solution. 
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Total pigeon control throughout Reading, Wokingham and Woodley and right across Berkshire 

As a local pest control company we can quickly respond and provide you with a solution to any bird control problems that you may have, we have years of experience and provide services to a national company, delivering high quality bird control throughout the UK. No job is too small or too large for us; if you have a pigeon problem we have the solution. 

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Netting onto a balcony in Reading's Kennet Island development 
"Thoroughly professional service from both Tony and Liam - used the form on the website to explain the detail of my pigeon guano issue and had a phone call back from Liam the next business day to arrange a visit to get a quote. Kept informed throughout the whole process of the cost, when it would be done, how long it would take etc etc. Job was completed on a Saturday morning (netting for the balcony and guano removal) thoroughly professionally and they were cleaned up and finished before lunchtime. Would recommend their services to anyone with any sort of pest problem. Would give more than 5 stars if Google allowed it :)
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