Pigeon guano cleaning in Reading and throughout the South East 

Pigeons make a lot of mess and once the bird deterrents are installed and the pigeons have left the building, you could be forgiven for thinking that the jobs all done. However, you are still left with the mess and debris that’s been left behind, all the old bird droppings, abandoned nest material, empty eggshells and the occasional bird carcase to get rid of. 
This is where we can help. 
Not only do we install the bird deterrent to get you pigeon free, but we can also assist in helping to clear away all of the waste material and sanitise the area, returning your building back to you, safe and now fit to use. 

Guano clearance in Reading, Wokingham and throughout Berkshire 

Pigeons deposit around a kilogram of guano per bird per month, a small flock of pigeons will leave behind a great deal of mess and this forms a dense matt of toxic organic matter. When its fresh and moist the guano will contain a multitude of insect life from intestinal worms to carrion beetles and this matter gives off a truly unpleasant smell. 
Old, dried pigeon poo is not safe, when dried this material raises a lot of dust which can pose serious health implications if left untreated. It is important that we deal with the guano removal in whatever state it’s in, correctly and in a manner which takes into account the health and safety of all personnel; our own and those from the site. 
Pigeon guano is a rich organic matter that is home for some hazardous viruses, bacteria and some fungus, it’s not just the guano that’s poses a risk as more dust is released from shed feathers and the presence of dead birds elevates the hazards even higher. Having successfully ejected a flock of pigeons from your building, you are now left with a toxic mess to clear up. 

Hazards from pigeon guano 


This is a fungus that lives in fresh guano, as the mass dries the fungus gives off spores that drift into the atmosphere giving rise to a serious lung condition called Histoplasmosis. Symptoms include a fever, cough and the feeling of fatigue whilst some people can develop a severe reaction. 


This is a type of fungus; a yeast that lives in the fresh droppings and it can affect the skin leaving a nasty rash, the respiratory tract and the intestines. This type of yeast is common in all animals and birds and goes by the common name thrush. 


A well known bacteria that we associate with poor hygiene and food, salmonella is a serious threat to health and can prove fatal for those with lowered immunity. Have a flock of pigeons in a property is a major risk to health. 


Another yeast that comes directly from the pigeons intestines and a potentially dangerous organism, known as Crypto, this fungus is airborne and can infect our brains causing meningitis which is potentially fatal. 


Commonly found lying in the soil, E.Coli comes from animal droppings and causing vomiting and in between 5 and 10% of cases; kidney failure. Again the problems associated with a flock of pigeons should never be underestimated. 


This is a serious wound infection caused by the introduction of bacteria into a cut or minor wound; streptococci pyogenes causes a fiery red rash which is hot and painful to touch. Fever, headaches and vomiting all can accompany the rash. 

Guano clearence in Reading 

We offer a complete guano clearence and sanitising service throughout the Reading area and all over the South East of England, whether you've got a small domestic balcony thathas become home to pigeons and you want the mess cleaned up or its a large commercial property that has had a slong running pigeon infestation - no job is too small or too big. 
Pigeon guano
bird poo
dirty balcony
pigeon on a nest

Safe and effective guano clearence 

Here at All Aspects Pest Control we are licensed waste carriers, pigeon guano is treated with powerful bioicides to kill off the harmful bacteria and viruses that may be present; once treated we can double bag this material and remove to a waste transfer site.  
The removal of treated guano is subject to guidance taken from the Environment Agency and it has the classification code 20.01.99; guano is listed as ‘offensive waste’ that is non-infectious but is unpleasant to anyone who comes into contact with it. To us, its not offensive but just another day at work. 
If you need the services of a professional company to deliver pigeon and bird proofing and guano clearance, we offer free site surveys and no obligation quotes. We work to the highest standards in both service delivery and safety to ensure that the job is done and done correctly. 
cleaned off guano
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