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Bed bug treatments in Wokingham from a local company 

The demand for bed bug treatments across the region is on the rise; increased air travel and the natural ability of bed bugs to move around with us means that we are seeing a sharp rise in requests for bed bug treatments in Wokingham, Winnersh and Woodley. No matter where you travel you will probably be exposed to these insects. 
Simple things like hand luggage kept in the cabin of aircraft and not subjected to the freezing temperatures in the aircrafts hold means that bed bugs picked up on holiday will travel back home with you. 
Many people getting bitten by bed bugs do not attribute the bites to these insects and think that they are getting bitten at night by mosquito's instead, by the time they realise what the cause of the bites are they are back at home in the UK - and now they've bought them into the home. 
Bed bug on skin

Chemical Bed Bug Control in Wokingham 

We start our treatment package with a two step method: 
We use high temperature steam at 180 degrees centigrade to kill all the bed bugs including their egg's, the thermal shock wipes out all insect life that we can find. To help us find the bed bugs we will dismantle the bed to get into the cracks and crevises where we know they'll be hiding. 
This initial attack with the steam will kill off most of the bed bugs, to get those that we can't find or maybe hidden in an area that we can't dismantle, we now resort to a three different chemicals that together have a residual effect that lasts for several weeks. 
You should see a cessation of biting and this will last for around 14 days, after that if biting starts again this is because some of the egg's have been laid in areas like beneath floorboards and inside electrical sockets so we can repeat the process again. 
Bed bugs on a bed

Non toxic bed bug control in Wokingham 

Some people do not want chemicals used in their homes or may not be able to stay out for the drying period, we can offer a non chemical approach to bed bug control using the high temperature steam with portable electric heaters that raise the entire room temperature to 60 degrees centigrade. 
A cheaper method is to use a chemical that is no a pesticide but acts to interfere with the insects ability to feed; the chemical is not classed as a pesticide but forms a three dimensional molecular structure around the insect - a bit like placing it into a sealed plastic bag. The insects die and there is no need to leave the property during and after treatment. 
Whether its pure heat or the steam / chemical treatment you require both are non- toxic methods of bed bug control. 
Bed bugs hiding
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