Local pest control delivered by local people 

Here at All Aspects Pest Control we’re local; we live in Woodley and as locals we fully understand the problems and the pressures in the area when it comes down to pests; a good example of this is when you discover that you have a rat in the loft. 
There are roads in Woodley that have rats living in the sewers and from experience we know which roads these are, if you have an internal rat problem there will be two scenarios: the first that they’re getting in from the outdoor environment, either through the walls or roof and secondly, they’re coming in via the drains. 
Our local knowledge allows us to quickly pinpoint the entrance for your unwanted visitors and then we can correctly plan our method of control to get rid of your rats quickly and permanently. This is the advantage of using a local company. 
All Aspects Pest Control vans

All pests dealt with in Woodley 

Woodley is home to over 35,000 people and it goes without saying that we will deal with just about every pest somewhere in the town at one time or another. As a family run business with three working technicians, we provide a range of pest control services with a rapid callout and these include the following: 

Rodent control in Woodley from a local company 

Rat control in Woodley 

Rats are a serious issue in Woodley and these animals inhabit the drains in isolated areas of the town; they can be found in the sewerage system in one road but two streets away we’ll never see them in the drains. Using our background knowledge of the area, we can quickly pinpoint the way the rats are getting inside and we use CCTV drain cameras as standard to check the condition of the underground pipework, finding faults and redundant sections used by the rats. 
Whether they’re coming in via the drains or through the walls, successful rat control is not about the use of rodenticide, to fully eliminate these rodents you need to identify the entrance and seal it up. This type of pest control is called Integrated Pest Management where we place an emphasis on proofing works rather than just using poison. We trap rats, removing the animals physically which you cannot do with poison; they die just about anywhere and more often than not, that’s inside the house. 

Squirrel control in Woodley 

As you’d expect from a town that sits is what is left of the Great Windsor Forest (there is a house in Winnersh that was once a hunting lodge for Henry the 8th) we are surrounded by oak trees, and these are home to the North American Grey Squirrel – which has absolutely nothing to do with Henry the 8th. Imported during the Victorian era, the grey squirrel has become a major pest throughout the Country, with no predators and a breeding cycle that see’s two separate birthing periods, the numbers of grey squirrels are booming across Woodley. 
Female grey squirrels are territorial and so they need to find themselves a empty space for raising their young and that is more often than not someone’s loft. Equipped with razor sharp teeth and strong jaws they will simply gnaw through wood, plastic, and even thin sheet steel to gain access to a loft and once inside they pull up all the insulation and gnaw electrical cables. We never poison squirrels but use humane traps that give a quick dispatch and once again, if we are able to seal their entrance point, we will. 

Mouse control in Woodley 

As stated, we trap mice throughout the area; mice will squeeze through a gap the size of your little finger and if there isn’t a handy opening, they’re more than capable of making their own. As part of the rodent family, they have strong front incisors that grow out from the root; rodents actually have to grind their teeth to stop them from curling out and preventing their feeding. Mice gnaw through wooden door frames and plastic air bricks and with a tiny hole many people miss these and resort to the use of rodenticide to kill the mice. 
It is illegal to use rodenticide on some species of mice – every chemical we use in pest control whether in the form of a solid block of rodenticide or a liquid insecticide has a label that governs its usage. Where it can be used, the quantity and the species; here in Woodley the mice that we see are whats called ‘field mice’ and come in the form of voles, shrews and actual field mice. These form the basis of the food chain for owls and other raptors so they should never be poisoned, we only trap and seal as a form of mouse control in Woodley. 

Mole catching in Woodley 

Mole catching is where I started out in pest control; as a sixteen year old working on a farm in Hurley catching moles for the farmer (because he couldn’t) and it’s still something that I do. Mole catching is done on a basis of ‘no catch = no fee’. If I can’t catch your mole then I don’t charge you for the time taken, the reason for this is that it is my job to catch the mole and why would anyone pay for something that they don’t get? 
Mole catching is about patience and understanding the ground, why would you pay up front for mole catching when for one; you don’t know how many are in the ground and secondly, you don’t know whether you’ll catch it or not? No catch no fee – makes sense to me. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal service in Woodley 

Wasp nest removal in Woodley 

Being local is an added advantage for delivering wasp control in Woodley as we’ll happily work seven days a week. Wasps are a summertime nuisance and many people are terrified of these yellow and black pests. Each wasp nest starts in either April or May when the Queen Wasp comes out of hibernation, the fact that nobody notices them is largely down to the weather and growth cycles; wasps hunt other insects and they do better in sunny, warm conditions because of an unique set of cells in their body. These cells convert ultraviolet light into electrical energy meaning that they become supercharged on sunny days. 
The Queen is an egg laying machine and as more workers become available to gather insects, so more food is produced and more eggs laid; in a good year there maybe several thousand workers all flying in and out of the nest, meaning that these nests can become huge. Packing a painful sting, a nearby wasp nest can ruin a barbeque and make outdoor life intolerable, so we aim for a callout time of within 24 hours for local wasp nest treatments. 

Hornet nest removal in Woodley 

Similar in characteristics to the wasp, the European hornet is not such a common pest in Woodley, these insects are about four times the size of a wasp and make a great deal of noise as they fly about. Unlike wasps, hornets will only number in the hundreds at most, being so large the Queen Hornet produces fewer eggs and so colony sizes are much smaller. 
Distinctive dark red and deep yellow markings, the hornet packs a savage sting; with three times as much venom as the wasp and a cocktail of chemicals and enzymes that hit our pain receptors, our technicians are equipped with the correct PPE to tackle all of these insects. We would advise against DIY attempts to get rid or wasps and hornets; the stings are painful, and you could make things worse. 


When it comes to pest control we take an ethical approach to what we do, hence why we only trap mice. We need to think about what we’re doing and why we are doing it and our approach to bee control is balanced on the basis that we will only treat bee’s if there is a life risk to the occupants and by that we mean, not being allergic but anaphylactic. 
Everyone is allergic to wasp, hornet and bee stings – it’s the release of histamine that cause the swelling and itching and these symptoms can be controlled with antihistamine pills from the chemist. Bee’s are important to our future and in some cases such as mining bee’s, mortar bee’s and leaf cutting bee’s these insects are completely harmless as they have lost their venom. 
Unfortunately some pest controllers see killing bee’s as a form of financial reward; there is no reward in killing harmless pollinators and where possible we will relocate a nest of bumblebee’s. 
Read our blog on bee’s to see if in fact your ‘pest’ is actually a friend. 
bumble bee
honey bee
bee on a flower

 Insect eradication in Woodley from a local company 

Ant removal in Woodley 

A common problem through the warmer months and we treat all types of ants including the exotic species that are finding their way into the country such as Pharaoh ants and Acrobat ants. Travel, global warming and imported goods are seeing a rise in invasive species of which ants excel at and these are becoming more of a problem year on year. 
Ant with a fly

Moth control in Woodley 

Clothes moths or carpet moths, whichever you have a problem with are treated both the same with chemical sprays, chemical fogging and pheromone lures. Both of these moths are becoming more common as pests due to the milder winters and the cheap price of wool. Stored produce moths problems can usually be resolved with throwing out contaminated foodstuffs. 
Clothes moth

Flea control in Woodley 

We are seeing a build-up of chemical resistance in fleas to the products found in veterinary products that are used by cat and dog owners, and so we are seeing a rise in call outs to deal with some heavy flea infestations. We use a combination of chemical sprays and fogging agents to combat fleas and you may require two visits for a bad infestation. 

Beetle control in Woodley 

Carpet beetles have a nasty surprise as pests; the larvae are called woolly bears because the caterpillars have a thick layer of fibrous hairs sticking out of their backs and these hairs are covered with tiny barbs. These break off and lodge in our skin producing a nasty rash, chemical sprays and fogging agents soon get rid of carpet beetles and woolly bears. 
carpet beetles

Bed bugs and cockroaches - problem pests in Woodley 

Bed bug eradication in Woodley 

Our approach to controlling bed bugs is one of thoroughness, these insects are extremely easy to pick up and its not just from hotel beds. Bed bugs are natures top hitchhikers and will spread through public transport, schools and even hospital admissions, we always use heat as the opening attack on a bed bug infestation and we experts in bed bug control. 
bed bugs

Cockroach control in Woodley 

Another problem insect and you must expect multiple visits to control these insects, we use a variety of chemicals and lures to map out the spread of the infestation and to bring it under control. Cockroaches are a problem for retailers and businesses that handle food; we offer a regular monitoring service to tackle the threat of cockroaches. 

  Professional pest control throughout Woodley 

No matter what pest you have, we have the professional solution, with over 19 years of experience in the industry we can deal with any issue in a timely and efficient manner. Check out our Google reviews; we aim to get our customers pest free and for us, our customers are our priority. 
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