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Here at All Aspects Pest Control we don't agree with the use of poison to control rats as a first or sole means, yes, it will kill off the rodents present but first you need to establish a few facts. 
Facts like - "Where are they coming from?" and "What is the access point?"; this is our start line for a rat infestation, we investigate the structure and not just the property. If you live in a small terrace the entrance maybe two or three doors down and we aim to find that so we can seal it at a later stage in the treatment. 
We use approved traps and equipment like drain cameras to determine the point of entry, once found we can start to seal the access point and bring the whole treatment to a conclusion where you are rat free for good.  
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Rat Control in Wokingham 

Rats are extremely clever creatures and it does not pay to under estimate the ability of them to find an opening and enter a building; due to its amazing collapsible rib-cage a rat can squeeze itself through a gap around the size of the nail-bed on your thumb. 
We find that the most common point of entry is via the sewers and the household drainage system; in order to deliver the best possible for our customers we carryout CCTV drains surveys as part of our standard treatment. 
Often we will turn up at an address and already suspect the drains due to experience and the history of the area, many places have vitrified clay pipes under the houses and where we know that settlement exists in that area we will often start the treatment with a drain survey. 
We want you rat free and we look further to deliver that outcome. 
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Professional rat control without poison in Wokingham 

Everyone in the pest control industry is aware of the environmental impact that the over use of rodenticide has on both the natural environment and on ourselves. Rodenticide and even poisoned rats can enter the food chain through the farming sector and this affects us in the form of reducing male fertility. 
Raptors like red back kites and barn owls are susceptible from secondary poisoning from eating poisoned rats and mice and the pest control industry has signed a voluntary stewardship scheme called the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Usage; meaning that we should not resort to the use of poison as a first means of control of the only means of control. 
We are accredited members of CRRU and as such we like to trap rats and mice and this assists us in determining a solution to your rat problem; we do not offer three visits for the price of two or 'special' seasonal offers - we offer a slower but more detailed treatment with the aim being to isolate the access point, seal it up and leave you rat free for good. 
Rat by basin
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