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Squirrel problem in Wokingham? We have the solution. 

Squirrels are a major nuisense in Wokingham and Winnersh as they have two breeding seasons each year and demand by the female squirrel for territories means that twice a year in winter and summer we see a rise in call outs as these agile rodents gnaw into peoples dwellings and businesses to set up home. 
The squirrel is equipped with a unique set of skills that enable it to gain emntry to almost any property; they can jump over five times their body length and easily climb a brick wall. Powerful jaws and extremely hard teeth means that the squirrel can even hgnaw through sheet steel to gain access into a building. 
Under estimate the squirrel at your peril! 
Squirrel on a brick wall

Squirrel catching across the Wokingham area 

The squirrels that we see in Wokingham are actually a non-native species that originated in north America; it was bought here over 150 years ago and has the dubious title of being called vermin. The grey squirrel is not only responsible for driving out our smaller red squirrel but they carry a virus called squirrel pox which has killed off many of the reds. 
Aside from that (if that wasn't enough) they predate native song birds and decimate small bird populations by raiding their nests in the spring. Squirrels also cause a great deal of forestry damage by gnawing off the bark from young tree's to get at the sugars that lay in the fibres underneath. 
Classed as vermin it is illegal to release a captured grey squirrel into the wild and people have been prosecuted for repeatidly doing this. 
Squirrel on a branch

Humane squirrel trapping in Wokingham 

We do not use rodenticide on squirrels; these animals will fatten up for the winter and when rodents consume poison they will often die inside the property meaning that you're stuck with a rotting body somewhere. 
We trap squirrels in Wokingham using approved spring traps and remove the bodies for you; we also practise a type of pest control called Integrated Pest Management so we look at the animals entrance point with a view to sealing this up. 
Sealing up these holes will help to prevent the next female squirrel from moving in, we also extend our treatments to cull off any nearby squirrels meaning that there are less of these around and so you have a better chance of avoiding another squirrel infestation. 
Squirrel on a fence
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