Wasp and hornet nest removal service in Bracknell 

Do you have a problem with wasp nest on your property? 
Summers here and along with the decent weather, so are the dreaded wasps, dealing with a wasp nest is a dangerous activity that is best left to experts and when it comes to providing an effective wasp nest removal service throughout the Bracknell area: we are the experts. 
Our technicians are fully trained professionals; they work full time in the pest control industry and deal with all types of pests on a daily basis; not just wasps or hornets. This means that our staff are aware of the latest developments on insecticides along with their legal usage and application, in addition to that, they are equipped with a variety of application equipment meaning that there is nothing they can’t deal with. It does not matter whether a domestic or commercial property, we have experience of treating wasp nests from high up and hard to reach places all over homes and workplaces across the Bracknell area. 
As a locally based business based just outside of Bracknell, we can respond to requests for wasp nest removal throughout the area and often within hours of receiving your call and we aim for a same day service whenever possible. 
Hornet in its nest
Wasps coming out of the ground
Fully trained, fully insured and members of the National Pest Technicians Association – we are specialists in all types of pests and we can offer you a no obligation telephone advice line on  
07967 360 000 
We are just a phone call away. 

Low cost wasp nest removal service in Bracknell 

All Aspects Pest Control is a trusted, small family run business and we hold the view that our customers are our priority; as our customer you’re not just a number on a job sheet to us, we conduct our business in the same manner as if your home was our home. 
When our technician turns up to treat a wasp or hornets nest, they will carry out a visual survey of the property to see if there is a smaller, unnoticed nest someplace else. We often find that a larger and more easily noticed wasp nest is actually suppressing a second or even third nest that has previously gone unnoticed. After the dominant nest is treated and removed, the other untouched nests will burst into life with the end result that you find yourself with more wasps than when you first called for pest control. 
Our technicians look to find these nests and they will include any additional nests they find within the cost of treatment with no extra charge to you. Many other pest controller companies will hike up the charges at this point, but we refuse to do that. 
The reason for this is because our technicians stay on site following the application of the insecticide to assess how the treatment is going, they are looking for key indicators that confirm that the application has been successful. This takes a few minutes and they use this time to survey your property looking for any wasp nests that have gone unnoticed, and because they are already on site, we do not see why we should charge you anymore for an additional wasp nest treatment.  
This is about our commitment to customer service as we always aim to get your 100% pest free. 
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Same day service for wasp nests throughout the Bracknell area 

We always aim to provide you with a same day service for a wasp or hornets’ nest treatment and we take great pride in our service delivery: all of our treatments are guaranteed by us.  
After the wasp nest has been treated, we expect that all activity will cease within just a few hours but in case you still see wasps flying about we’ll happily return and re-treat it for you without any extra charge. 

The process of wasp nest removal in Bracknell 

We carryout wasp nest treatments all over Berkshire and there are three ways in which we can eradicate a wasp nest and these are as follows: 

Complete wasp nest removal in Bracknell 

If the body of the wasp nest is within physical reach, we will place a bag below it and inject an insecticide powder directly into the centre of the nest, after a few minutes we will remove the nest which is placed inside a bag and taken away from your home.  
All the wasps that are inside the nest will die within that time and if there are any stragglers coming back to the site, they will fly off; without the Queen wasp giving off a pheromone they have no instructions to defend the nest and so pose little hazard to us. 

Wasp nest treatment in a void area 

The common scenario is that the wasps built their nest in a place that has no access, like deep inside a cavity wall where there is no way of getting at it, again we follow the same steps and inject the powder into this void.  
The insecticide is extremely powerful and will kill all the wasps including those workers that are out hunting for insects on contact as they return to the site, we would expect activity to finally cease after a few hours in this scenario.. 
the inside of a wasp nest

Liquid wasp nest treatment 

Occasionally we will discover a nest inside a larger void that isn’t suitable for use with a powder or deep inside an underground structure; these type of wasp nests are best dealt with using a liquid and again, it is very strong with activity coning to an end within minutes of application. 
We also offer chemical lures that entice the worker wasps away from your outside areas; these are hanging traps that attract the wasps into a trap, these lures are selective and only attract wasps, meaning that honeybees and bumblebees are safe.  
The lures ate totally pesticide and toxin free as well as being completely maintenance free – no cleaning and no emptying; simple hang up, allow them to take out the wasps and then dispose of, its as simple as that! 

Wasp facts 

There are over 2000 species of wasp in the UK 
Don’t panic as the majority of these are called parasitic wasps and live alone targeting flying insects and without the means to sting. 
There are 7 species of colony building wasp and these are the ones that we have to look out for. 
We have a native, European hornet and the newly introduced Asian hornet which will decimate our honeybees if allowed to get a firm toehold in the country. 
Only the female wasps have a stinger, the males are harmless. 
Wasps pack a powerful punch and can sting many times, they have a round 15mg of toxin in the stinger 
Male wasps are referred to as drones 
You can tell teh species of wasp by looking at the shape or colour of its nest 

Fully trained pest control technicians from All Aspects Pest Control  

Wasps and hornets can nest anywhere: If you find yourself with a wasp nest in Bracknell call a professional company to deal with the problem, we provide our technicians with full protective clothing and a range of chemicals. Our responsibility is to keep you safe and we do that through prompt service backed with a 100% guarantee 
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Ethical, local pest control in Bracknell and throughout Berkshire 

We have a policy when it comes to treating bee’s; many and its too many pest controllers will treat bees for the financial reward of doing so, we will not. Bees are essential to our survival and there are three groups of bees – honeybees, bumble bees and mining bees.  
Honeybees can and should always be rehomed, bumble bees have a short life span and pose little threat to us, yes they can sting, but they rarely do. 
Masonry bees and mining bees are completely harmless; as a form of protection, they mimic wasps and honey bees and we have produced a guide to the identification of the different bees– if you are unsure of what the insect is check this out, once you’ve made the call it’ll be too late. 
Our guide to the different types of bee 
bumble bee
Our guide to the different types of wasp 
Testimonial Wasps in a house in Cookham 
"Superb job to exterminate two wasps nests under roof tiles. Tony was punctual, professional and efficient. A first class job and I thoroughly recommend him". 
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