Professional rat and vermin control throughout the Reading area 

Rats are without doubt our Number One Pest with a constant and unending presence in Reading; whether its spring or autumn, summer or winter one thing that you can guarantee is that we will be tackling rats in homes and businesses all over the town, these are truly super pests! 
rat eating spilt grains
rat on top of a kitchen counter

Why do we have so many rats in Reading? 

Rats are scavengers with some unique skillsets that enable them to thrive in the harshest of conditions, these rodents can swim great distances and even underwater accessing the interior of buildings through the drainage system.  
Rats really are happy in the water and they can tread water for days on end, so blockages pose little problem in the drains as they will get cleared at some time. 
Rats can squeeze through gaps the size of a modern fifty pence piece so property defects, rotten door frames and general wear on tear on the building fabric allows rats to get inside.  
On top of that they are able climbers and can jump over a metre in length, traveling from fences to single storey roofs. 

How we stop rats in their tracks in Reading 

Our approach to rat control is different from many other pest control companies; many of these rely on rodenticide to get control of the situation, but all this means that you kill off the current population and you will get re-infested in the future. 
We track the movement of rats into your property and then trap the animals to end the infestation, we will then seal the entrance point to keep them out for good; knowledge is power and so we want to fully understand the mechanism of your infestation. 
To do this we include any drain inspections as standard without our treatment price; around 70% of all our internal rat problems originate in the sewerage system 

Total rat control in Reading from a local company 

We can and do use rodenticide for the control of rats, and we also offer a clearance service removing contaminated loft insulation or items that have been soiled by rat faeces or urine.  
At All Aspects pest Control our aim is to get to the bottom of the problem by looking further than other companies and so we can say that our service provides total rat control throughout Reading. 
Successful rat control is about identifying the route in, planning the eradication of the rat population and proofing up afterwards to stop this from happening again - and thats exactly what we do! 
If you have a problem with rats in the Reading area then give us a call on 07967 360 000 – we are a family run pest control company that’s local to you and we can have a technician out to you within hours of your call. 

 Professional rat control in Reading from a local company   

Frequently asked questions about rats 


How do rats get inside my house from the drains?  

Rats are adapted to live underground and in the aquatic environment; if ever you see a rat swimming they use their powerful back legs and their tail to push themselves through the water. Rats often get into houses via the sewer, they will exploit any breaks or redundant sections to access the exterior of the drainage pipes. 
These pipes pass through the walls of the property underground, as they need space to flex in and as you can't just load concrete or bricks on top they pass through a built opening that passes through the cavity wall. If the rats can't get out of the 'system' then all is good but once a rat finds a way through a broken pipe or through the walls of an inspection pit then they will follow the pipeline; in it's void area and enter the cavity wall. 

We have rats in the loft, are they causing damage up there?  

Rats will gnaw on items either soft or hard to mark their territory and they can do a lot of damage to both the structure of the building and any stored items in the loft. 
Rats will also urinate everywhere they go, some people say that they don't have a bladder but that's not true - rats urinate as a means of marking where their territory. 
Likewise rats will defecate everywhere, going to the toilet around 40 times a day and together the urine and feaces make a very unpleasant smell - soft items like clothing can be ruined through their toilet habits. 
Rats certainly cause dmage, gnawing on electrical cables and now the introduction of plastic water pipes means a rat infestation can become a very expensive problem. 

Why can I hear gnawing sounds from the loft?  

Rats will gnaw on objects, this is part of their territorial marking - sometimes people say that they gnaw to wear their incisor teeth down as these will keep growing but rats have teeth harder than iron.  
Rats are destructive animals and gnaw just about anything; I think it's texture related as their teeth are an important sensory organ - have you ever watched someone popping bubblewrap? 
Over time rats can seriously weaken wooden joists through repeated gnawing, electrical wiring is prone to attack by both rats and mice. A modern invention is Hep2O plastic water pipes and we have had major issues where a rat has gnawed straight through a mains pressure water pipe overnight - don't delay in getting out a pest controller if you've discovered rats in your loft. 
Rats in a house in Reading 
"We called upon Tony when we discovered we had rats had moved in to our downstairs toilet. Tony came and carried out a thorough initial inspection and put down preventative measures as in traps and poison down the drains until he was able to establish how and where the rats were coming from. Having been our first experience with any type of pest control Tony always made sure we understood what he was doing and why. Once the entry point had been determined Tony helped us to understand what we needed to do in order to completely rectify the problem. Tony made numerous visits to the house when our friends had got caught in the traps he had laid whilst we were waiting for reparation work to be carried out by our plumber and was always on time and efficient at dealing with the issue. I would highly recommend Tony and although I hope I never have to use his services again he would certainly be my go to man..

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