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With nearly three million grey squirrels living across the UK its not surprising that these are regular pests in homes around Woodley and the surrounding area, the rodent equivalent of Mission Impossible seems to be their goal to secure a site in the loft of a building in which to overwinter. 
Grey squirrel on a roof
Grey squirrel on a wall

Squirrels in the loft? Don't worry we have the solution! 

The grey squirrel does not hibernate and so when the temperatures start to drop overnight in late October these industrious animals turn their attention to finding someplace warm and that will be inside your loft.  
Able to jump a distance greater than five time their body length, squirrels will have been testing out their territory for some time looking for the ideal winter quarters.  
Along with their jumping ability, squirrels can simply run up brick walls making their way up onto the roof where they will gnaw through wood, plastic and even thin sheet steel to get inside. 

Squirrel pest control in Woodley - immediate call out 

Equipped with razor sharp teeth and powerful jaw muscles, the grey squirrel has a biting force of 7000 pound per square inch; for comparison the force we can apply comes to 500 pounds per square inch so you can see how destructive these animals can be. 
Trapping and cutting back overhanging or adjacent vegetation works together to one, remove the animal from its territory and then two, to remove the access to the building which we prevent a future occurrence and this is how we tackle squirrel infestations in Woodley. 

Squirrel trapping in Woodley 

Rodenticide is licensed for use on the grey squirrel however we always trap and catch these rodents to ensure that the body is removed from your property.  
We use approved spring traps which give a humane dispatch and are licensed for use on the grey squirrel; using rodenticide will often mean that the animal expires inside the building and if this cannot be found, the resulting bad smell will be unbearable. 
We prefer to trap all rodents including squirrels as a means of control, rodenticide is seen as the last resort and only undertaken when absolutely necessary. 
If you have a problem with squirrels in the Woodley area then give us a call on 07967 360 000 – we are a family run pest control company that’s local to you and we can have a technician out to you within hours of your call. 

 Professional squirrel control in Woodley from a company based in Woodley   

Frequently asked questions about squirrels 


How do squirrels get in the loft?  

Squirrels are great climbers and scaling a vertical brick wall is easy for them, as well as their climbing ability they can jump around five times their body length meaning that any overhanging tree branches are all that’s needed to give the grey squirrel easy access into your loft. 

What do squirrels eat?  

These animals are true omnivores in that they eat just about anything, acorns are a staple of their diet from the autumn onwards but they will attack young birds in the nest, rob nests of eggs and strip tree bark to eat the sugary layer of soft wood just underneath – this is why squirrels are a real pest. 

Do squirrels hibernate?  

Squirrels do not hibernate in the way that bears do, but they stay active all year round including during the winter months and they will hoard food supplies to get themselves through this period. During this time you will often see squirrels visiting garden bird feeders for seeds and nuts. to see what they can scavenge. 
Squirrels in the roof of a house in Wokingham 
"Great, professional company for all your pest control needs, who are experts in their field. Tony gave us all of the details on the first visit and time frame and he was spot on. Such a nice company and Debbie is really helpful too and if I needed to find out or change an appointment, she was really efficient and helpful. Tony was personable and professional. From initial inquiry to first visit it was really quick, there was no waiting around. We’re now squirrel free and the proofing is complete to a great standard. I would highly recommend them, as they offer a brilliant service and i will use them again if needed in the future.

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