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Expert mole trapping from a local company 

At All Aspects Pest Control we only use humane break back traps to catch moles because we work on a "no catch equals no fee" policy, so in order to get paid we produce your mole - after all you rarely ever see them! 
There is another way to get rid of moles and that's by using a gas pellet called aluminum phosphide which produces a poisonous gas that supposedly kills the moles underground, however without the proof how can anyone be sure? 
Moles can be destructive creatures and numerous which is why we trap and show the proof. 
Mole emerging from a molehill

Mole trapping in Wokingham 

Moles have two busy periods that coincide with their mating season; late winter into early spring so, around January into March is their breeding season and the males (boars) will travel seeking females (sows) to mate with. 
Things can be fairly quiet until mid summer so June into September when mum chases the young moles away from her territory and they'll seek empty ground to begin tunneling in and building their own territory.  

Mole control throughout the Wokingham area 

No matter where you live, if its within a built-up area or out in the countryside due to the moles immense tunneling ability you may wake up one morning to discover mole hills in your lawn. Moles are easily capable of digging beneath roads and popping up on the other side of a busy main road, at All Aspects Pest Control we provide a mole trapping service based on actual results. 
Some companies may charge up front; in our opinion this is a big mistake as mole catching requires patience and a degree of skill. There are times when we'll set traps and catch nothing and this is down to the mole - if the soil is of poor quality with little worm and invertebrate life then rather than waste time and energy, it will simply move off the area to a better on. 
Our region has a very diverse geology and we see how the ground changes from sands and gravels to beds of clay and even areas that are almost pure sand - all within a few miles. 
If you want a mole catcher who works on a trusted principal of no catch no fee give us a ring. 
Rats all folks
Give us a call and we can get rid of them for you! 
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