Wasp and hornet nest removal in Twyford from a local company 

Wasps and hornets appear every year in Twyford during the spring and as the months pass and we go into summer these insects become a major pest problem and one that should be dealt with by a professional pest control company. Here at All Aspects Pest Control we have over 19 years of expertise, dealing with all pests and not just wasps and hornets. 
We believe that reputation is everything and we are a company that goes the extra mile to get rid of your pests, just read our reviews and learn what our customers think about us. Because we care about our customers our technician will conduct a thorough survey of your property looking for smaller, and unnoticed nests. 
Why do we do this? The reason is simple, you’ll often find that the largest nest has more wasps, and they are taking most of the available insects in the area, they’ll also pick off the occasional smaller wasp depleting numbers in a secondary nest. 
When the large nest is destroyed the smaller one starts to flourish and before you know it you’re paying out for another wasp nest treatment. 
We don’t ratchet up prices like other pest control companies; you’ve asked us in to remove the wasps and that’s what we’ll do and by finding and treating that second or even third nest within the same price as the first one, we’re saving you money and delivering the type of service that we’re known for 

The wasp nest removal process in Twyford 

If you find yourself with a wasp or hornets’ nest in Twyford don’t panic, you want a professional service provided by a local family run business who will give you a guarantee on the treatment provided, and that’s exactly what we do. 
Not every wasp nest is the same and we have three different ways in which we can eradicate a wasp or hornets’ nest for you, and these are as follows: 

Wasp nest removal 

If our technician finds that the nest structure is within physical reach they will inject a powerful pesticide directly into the interior, after a few minutes they will bag the nest up and remove the entire nest and the contents from your home. The pesticide we use is incredibly fast acting and we would expect that within 15 to 20 minutes of application the wasps or hornets will have died. 
Any worker wasps which are outside of the nest at the time of treatment will return to the site of the old nest but without the presence of the Queen wasp, these workers have no purpose and will not be aggressive. Eventually they will fly off on their own accord. 

Void wasp nest treatment 

Not all wasp nests are built in a place where there is easy access and for those wasp nests that are built in a place that’s out of reach like inside a cavity wall or in the ground beneath a hedge, we will be unable to remove the nest in this instance. Instead, the insecticidal powder is injected into the space where the wasp nest is, this powder is finally milled and flows on air currents meaning that it will find its way to the nest. To some degree the wasps will also carry the powder into the nest meaning that over a slightly longer period we will still achieve control of the wasps. The one advantage of this style of treatment is that those workers that are out hunting for insects at the time of the treatment, will fly back to the nest and come into contact with the residue powder. We would expect all activity within the nest to stop within a matter of hours and we guarantee all of our wasp and hornet nest treatments so we’re happy to return if this is not the case. 

Non toxic wasp traps  

There are times when you’re plagued with wasps but there’s no nest and in these situations we offer traps that you can place on the outside of your property, these lure the worker wasps into the trap and keep them away from communal areas like patios. 
The main advantage of using these traps is that they are selective; the traps only attract wasps and have no interest for honeybees, so you can protect yourself from wasps whilst keeping the bee’s safe. The traps are 100% pesticide and toxin free as well as being totally maintenance free – there is no need to clean or empty; simple hang up and at the end of the summer just throw the whole trap in the recycling bin. 
If you discover a wasp or hornets nest on your property in Twyford, you will want a speedy, professional solution to the problem – all of our technicians are full time pest control experts equipped with a wide range of insecticides and application methods to ensure an efficient response. We offer a service that runs seven days a week for wasps and hornets and we aim for a response to your home within 4 to 6 hours of getting your phone call. Alternatively use of contact form and we can have someone out to you the nest day. 
Fully trained, fully insured and members of the National Pest Technicians Association – we are specialists in all types of pests and we can offer you a no obligation telephone advice line on  
07967 360 000 
We are just a phone call away. 

Wasp nest removal in Twyford 

Is there anything that we can do to prevent wasps? 
For many people there is a certain degree of fear when it comes to these insects and there are some practical measures that can be taken to reduce the hazard from wasps and hornets - 
• We know that wasps are attracted to white and yellow colours, and they cannot see the colour red, so when thinking about an outfit for a social gathering, choose red. Wasps are also attracted to sweet tones used in perfume and hair products so avoid using these if you are going outside. 
• When you’re having a BBQ keep all meats covered, for one it protects the food from flies but also wasps, although insects are the main diet for wasps, they will eat raw meat, so keep foods covered and ensure there are no scraps left lying around. 
• Wasps have a sweet tooth and are attracted to sugary drinks especially as the summer turns to autumn and there are less flowers around, so keep glasses and bottles covered. Most people react to a wasp sting by swelling and a sting in the mouth or throat can cause swelling with serious consequences. 
We have a link here to the St Johns Ambulance on first aid for wasp stings: 

Wasps in the loft? Insecticidal treatments for wasps in Twyford 

What else can we do? 
There are some other top tips to help with not getting stung and these are - 
• Be on the lookout for wasp nests on your property, its common enough to see wasps flying through the garden but if you see a steady stream of wasps flying to and from one spot, then it’s a sure-fire thing that you’re got a wasp nest. This is particularly important when it’s in the garden; thick bushes like those found in fir trees can hold wasps nests in the branches and wasps can even excavate a burrow in the lawn and live inside the ground – something you may discover when mowing the lawn! 
• In a dark place like upstairs in the loft wasps may have a nest hidden inside the soffit box, they are attracted to the light and when you go into the loft and turn on the light within minutes the space will be full of wasps and they will be aggressive. If you have to visit the loft anytime from April to September, put the light on and leave it for a few minutes before you go in, this will give you a chance to check and believe me – I’ve been caught out several times! 
• Wasps will eat meat scraps so wash out any recycling material before putting in the bins, anything that you can reasonably do to deter wasps is a good thing and reduces attractants like food scraps helps. 

Professional pest control in Twyford 

Our technicians are all fully trained pest control professionals, and we aren’t a ‘pop up’ company that just deals with wasps, our staff hold the RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management qualification and more importantly; they’re all equipped with the best personal protective equipment. 
Our aim is to work safely and to create a safer environment by removing your wasp nest in a professional manner, we are an ethical pest control company, and we will not destroy bee’s nests. Many species of bee are completely harmless and for those that do carry a sting we will try to relocate somewhere else in your garden rather than kill them. 
Mining bees and masonry bees are a common occurrence, and they have two busy periods each year, they get their name from their nesting habits; mining bees will nest in sandy soils and masonry bees have the annoying habit of burrowing into loose mortar joints in walls. Both of these types of bee are completely harmless and disguise themselves as wasps, we have put together a quick visual guide to the different types of bee – click this link to read the guide. 

Fully trained pest control technicians from All Aspects Pest Control  

Wasps and hornets can nest anywhere: If you find a wasp nest in Twyford call a professional company to deal with the problem, we provide our technicians with full protective clothing and a range of chemicals. Our responsibility is to keep you safe and we do that through prompt service backed with a 100% guarantee 
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Testimonial Wasps in a house in Cookham 
"Superb job to exterminate two wasps nests under roof tiles. Tony was punctual, professional and efficient. A first class job and I thoroughly recommend him". 
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