Wasp nest removal in Sonning from a local company 

Do you have a problem with wasps in Sonning? As a local family run pest control business, we have the solution for you, we offer a guaranteed, same day service for wasp nest removal in Sonning. Based just around the corner in Woodley, we are all trained professional pest controllers, and we work to the highest standards in the pest control industry.  
The cost of our wasp nest removal service includes any additional wasp nests that we find on the day of treatment that maybe on your property, all of these nests are included within our guarantee and this is exceptional value for money. 

The wasp nest removal process in Sonning 

There are two ways in which our technician will deal with you wasp nest and this depends on accessibility. 

Total wasp nest removal 

Where the wasp nest is accessible, our technician will either inject a powerful insecticidal powder into the inside of the nest or spray the outside of the nest with a liquid chemical, after a short period of time the nest will be cut down and removed from your property. You will see returning worker wasps for some time after the treatment but as their nest has been destroyed, they will not become aggressive and eventually they will fly off and you will be wasp free. 
Wasps in a nest

Wasp nest treatment in a void 

Not all wasp nests are going to be accessible to our technician and these will have the injection of insecticidal powder; this powder will not be injected into the nest but into the void where the nest sits. This is a very fine powder, and it will make its way into the interior of the wasp nest, it may just take about 24 hours. The advantage of this style of treatment is that those worker wasps returning to the nest will come into contact with the powder residue so all the wasps will be killed. 
For some people and especially those that suffer from severe allergic reactions just having wasps hanging around the BBQ is enough to cause concern, if you don’t have an actual wasp nest but want to be rid of wasps, we can provide traps. 

Wasp traps 

These traps are filled with an attractant and you simply hang them up around outside areas; patios and pub beer gardens are common places for wasp traps. These traps contain a liquid which is only attractive to wasps, it does not attract honeybees or bumble bees so we can be kind to the bees whilst targeting wasps. 
wasp drinking

Same day wasp treatments in Sonning 

At All Aspects Pest Control our priority is to provide the best quality service for whatever pest that you may have and when it comes to wasps we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee service. 
Not only do we treat the nest that you have called us out for but we also include any other nest that we find and all within the same price – no other pest control company offers that. 
Frequently asked questions about wasps 

Do wasps reuse their old nests? 

Simple answer, no. Every wasp nest starts from scratch when the Queen wasp emerges from hibernation in the spring, they all start with a single thread called a pintel and at first the Queen builds just eight cells which are all contained within a thin paper sheath.  
As the colony grows in numbers the worker wasps will add layers of cells and build a thicker and bigger sheath. Occasionally you may see wasps sat on fence panels or on wooden furniture, what they are doing here is that they are stripping a thin layer of wood off, to pulp up and this is what the nest is made from.  
Sometimes you can tell the actual species of wasp from the colour of the nest as the Common wasp likes to chew up old rotten wood and their nests have a distinctive cream colour while Saxon wasps and German wasps will chew up fence panels and their nests are a grey colour. 

Why do wasps sting

Wasps are insectivores and their stingers are primarily used to paralyze insect prey so they can carry them back to the nest to eat, they don’t carry a great deal of venom, only around 15mg and no-one knows how long it takes to produce. 
It is thought that wasps don’t want to sting us but as an insect that is dependent on the Queen wasp and the colony for its survival, they will do anything to protect their nest. 
As someone who deals with tens and even hundreds of wasp nests every year, my personal belief is that a wasp will fly straight at you as a warning, if you carry-on with whatever it is that you’re doing that has caused the wasp alarm, then it will return and sting you. You get one warning with wasp and that’s it! 

I have a wasp nest in the loft and I can hear them crunching, what are they eating? 

The reason for the crunching noise is not the wasps eating, rather it’s the sound of the colony breaking down and rebuilding its nest.  
The outer sheath starts out around the size of a ping pong ball and may become big enough to fill a standard size dustbin, all this material is built out of wood pulp and wasp spit and as the colony grows in numbers so does the size of the nest.  
Wasps will also open up vents in the wall of the sheath which becomes thicker and thicker as the months progress, if we experience a cold snap they will quickly seal up some of these vents to keep the interior temperatures stable. 

How many types of wasp are there in the UK? 

Ignoring the type of wasps that are called solitary wasps and these are not to be confused with the types of nest building wasp that we associate being stung by, there are only seven different types of wasp in the UK (there are nearly 9000 species of solitary wasp for comparison).  
The most commonly encountered wasps will be the Common wasp, the German wasp and the Saxon wasp and this last one is a recently new arrival to the UK and mainly found in the South of England; they are doing extremely well and you can tell these wasps quite easily by the distinctive shape of their nest.  
They build a grey nest hanging somewhere that is protected from the rain and they are common to see hanging outside windows and from roof fascia boards; the nest looks like a rugby ball that’s been cut in half with a distinctive lip around a solitary opening at the bottom. 

Fully trained and local pest control technicians  

If you have a wasp nest and want a quick, reliable service as the right price just phone us on 07967 360 000 or use our contact form and someone will be in touch. 
Testimonial Wasps in a house in Cookham 
"Superb job to exterminate two wasps nests under roof tiles. Tony was punctual, professional and efficient. A first class job and I thoroughly recommend him". 
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