Wasp nest removal in Winnersh from a local company 

All Aspects Pest Control: we are your local pest control company based in Woodley and we have been successfully dealing with wasp and hornet nests throughout the Winnersh and Wokingham area for the last 19 years. 
When it comes to all pests, we are experts in providing a control service and with wasps and hornets these are a seasonal pest that is all part of the work that we do. 

The wasp nest removal process in Winnersh 

If you find yourself with a wasp or hornets’ nest in Winnersh then you need a local, professional pest control company who can be with you quickly and deal with the problem efficiently – and that’s All Aspects Pest Control. Because we are just around the corner, we can have one of our technicians out to you within a few hours of your call and as we guarantee all of our wasp nest treatments’ in Winnersh, you can rest assured knowing that the problems been professionally dealt with. 
When it comes to delivering a wasp and hornet control service, we have three ways in which we can eradicate a nest for you, and these are as follows: 

Total wasp nest removal 

If the technician finds that the insect’s nest is within physical reach, they will inject a powerful pesticide powder deep into the interior of the nest which kills off all the wasps or hornets in minutes. After a short time, they will remove the entire nest, bag it up and take it away from your property. This method reduces the amount of pesticides in the environment however there may be worker wasps still out hunting for insects, when these return they will be confused and hang around for a while but because there isn’t a nest to defend, they will leave the area. 

Void wasp nest treatment 

It is a more common occurrence to find that the wasps have built a nest in a void area such as in a cavity wall, because this is impossible to reach, the technician will be unable to remove the nest as part of the treatment. The treatment is almost identical in that insecticidal powder is injected into the void, obviously we cannot inject immediate into the wasp nest but the powder travels through the void, eventually reaching the nest. This means that returning worker wasps will come into contact with the powder and die off, eliminating all of the insects . 

Non-toxic wasp traps  

As part of the service, we also offer wasp traps that are placed outside your property, these entice hunting wasps away from communal areas like patios and BBQ’s. The advantage of using these wasp lures is that they are selective for that species; they only attract wasps and not honeybees which we do not class as a pest. Wasp lure are 100% pesticide free as well as being totally maintenance free – there is no need to clean or empty; simple hang up the trap and at the end of the summer just throw the whole thing away. 
wasp drinking

Fully qualified pest controllers in Winnersh 

When you make the discovery of a wasp or hornets’ nest on your property, you’ll want a quick, professional solution to the problem and we can provide that, our technicians all work full time in the pest control industry, we are not a ‘pop up’ company that only emerges in the summertime.  
As professionals they are equipped with the best insecticides and application methods and protective equipment as you’d expect. We offer a wasp nest removal service for the Winnersh and Wokingham areas, seven days a week and we aim to respond to your home within 4 hours of getting your call. 
We are specialists in all types of pests, and we can offer you a no obligation telephone advice line on 07967 360 000. 
Testimonial for a wasp nest removal 
"Absolutely excellent service! 
Tony response to my initial phone call concerning a wasps’ nest was immediate, friendly and polite. He came round almost straight away to assess the problem, as he was in the area. 
He provided impartial advice, even saying that wasps’ nests were a natural occurrence at this time of year and that they would leave the nest in the spring. However, as they might possibly get into the loft, we agreed that for peace of mind treatment was necessary. 
He worked quickly and efficiently, and explained clearly to me how long it would take for all wasp activity to cease". 
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