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A common enough problem experienced by homeowners right across Wokingham and Winnersh during the spring and summer – the discovery of a wasp nest or hornet nest at their property. The nest may be sat in a garden shrub or hidden away inside the loft or cavity wall of the property, either way for many people it’s something that they dread and fear – the dreaded wasp nest. 
Here at Bracknell Pest Control we are experts in wasp nest removal in Wokingham, one call is all it takes to get our technicians out to you to start the process of removing this pest and leaving you free to enjoy the summer. Our technicians will carryout an in-depth survey of your property to identify if it is indeed a wasps nest and not a type of bumble bee that acts in a similar manner. Many people confuse wasps, bees and hoverflies and we have a link to an identification page – click here to see it. 
The technician will also look for any other smaller wasps nests that will need treating, quite often we find a large dominant wasp nest that is overshadowing a smaller, unnoticed wasp colony. When the larger wasp nest is removed from the area this allows the smaller one to flourish and grow in size, meaning that you will require two treatments over the course of a few weeks. Our aim is to save you money and hassle by identifying as many wasp nests as possible and treating these in one go. 
We do not charge for any additional wasps nests that we deal with, our customers are our priority and so we aim to provide the best pest control service that we can. 
At Bracknell Pest Control we will provide you a same day service for wasp nest removal across the Wokingham area and we take great pride in our service delivery: all of our wasp nest treatments are guaranteed, once the nest has been treated all activity will cease within a few hours but in case you still see wasps flying about we’ll happily return and re-treat it for you without any extra charge. 

The process of wasp nest removal in Wokingham 

There are three ways in which we can eradicate a wasp nest and these are as follows: 
Wasp nest Removal 
If the nest is within physical reach, we will place a bag below the nest and inject a pesticide powder into the chamber, the nest will then be removed, placed inside the bag and taken away from your home. All the wasps inside will die within minutes and if there are any stragglers they will fly off; without the Queen wasp giving off a pheromone they have no instructions to defend the nest and so pose no hazard. 
Void Wasp Nest Treatment 
Quite often wasps will build a colony someplace difficult to access like inside a cavity wall where there is no way of getting at it, again we will inject an powder into the void and this will kill all the wasps including those workers that are out hunting for insects on contact. 
Liquid wasp nest treatment 
Occasionally we will discover a nest inside a larger void which we can’t fill with powder or inside an underground structure; these types of wasp nest are best dealt with using a liquid and again, activity ceases within minutes of application. 
We also offer lures that entice the worker wasps away from your outside areas; these are hanging traps that physically take out the wasps as they fly around these are selective for wasps and do not attract honeybees so safe to use and still look after our beneficial insects. These traps ate totally pesticide and toxin free as well as being totally maintenance free – no cleaning and no emptying; simple hang up, allow them to take out the wasps and then dispose of, its as simple as that! 
If you discover a wasp or hornets nest on your property in Wokingham you’ll want a speedy, professional solution to the problem – all of our technicians are full time pest control experts equipped with the best insecticides and application methods to ensure an efficient response. We offer a seven days a week service and we aim for a response within 4 hours of getting your call. 
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