All Aspects Pest Control is different from many other pest control companies, for a start we are a family run business that works on providing a valued service but what makes us different? 
The major difference with our pest control is our approach to pests; the commonest pests in the area are those of the rodent group – rats, mice, and squirrels. For many other pest control companies their way of dealing with these animals will be to place poison inside your property and make two or three visits to add more, gaining control of the situation for just a short amount of time. 

Rat trapping in Reading, Wokingham and Woodley 

When it comes to rodent infestations our approach is NOT to use poison straight away; we carryout extensive surveys to find out where the animals are getting into the property, this involves tracking and the use of drain inspection cameras – all of which are our standard operating policy so we don’t hike up charges for the service 
Once we have determined the route in which we will confirm by trapping the animals in humane break back traps we can set about sealing up the access point to get control of the situation permanently. 
Our aim is to get you pest free for good and to do that we need to understand the nature of the infestation, when we say that our customers are our priority, we mean it! 

Total, effective pest control 

We use poison but only in the case of a severe infestation that needs to be bought under control quickly, we use a system called Integrated Pest Management and this is about looking at the wider picture to gain a better result. IPM is 80% prevention through proofing and making repairs and 20% eradication but together the results are far better than relying on temporary eradication. 

What pests do we cover? 

We provide a professional pest control service that covers all the pests you will encounter in Reading, Woodley and Wokingham. We provide a complete service dealing with all types of pests: 


Bed bugs

Bed Bugs 























Food production

Pest control in food production and handling businesses  

As a business involved in the food supply chain you have legal obligations under the Food Safety Act and Food Hygiene Regulations to apply due diligence to the hygiene standards applied at your premises. Utilising the services of a pest control company can help you meet those requirements and when incorporated with an Integrated Pest Management approach, you can be assured that your business will be pest free and safe from infestation. 
Pest control checklist for food handling businesses 
Pest control monitoring for businesses 
Our pest monitoring services are tailor made for your specific requirements, our technicians will leave you with detailed reports for inspection by the Local Authority Environmental Health Officer and you can be certain that we are dedicated in providing a professional and efficient pest control service for your business. 
Eating out

Pest control in the hospitality sector  

A good reputation in the hospitality industry is vital to the business function and with a quality monitoring service from All Aspects Pest Control you can rest assured that pests won’t be an issue. As we use a system called Integrated Pest Management where we proactively seek to prevent an infestation before it happens, we will protect your reputation from a pest infestation. 
Key regulations for the food industry from the Food Standards Agency 
Our monitoring services are tailored to your own requirements and we can be flexible on the delivery of service for those nuisance pest problems like wasps that seemingly ‘pop up’ from nowhere to help avoid callouts. 

Pest control in schools and colleges  

All children need a safe and secure place for their educational needs and you provide that on a daily basis, using a pest control company to help safeguard the running of the establishment helps create a positive environment for learning. 
Children face risks when exposed to the overuse of pesticides and loose rodenticide, other risks are associated with contaminated objects that may have rodent urine or faeces on them. As younger children have higher levels of hand to mouth behaviour protecting the health and wellbeing of children is at the forefront of what we do. 
Pests like rats and mice can occur at any time and a system of regular inspections and maintenance means that an infestation can be bought under control before its noticed and causes any concerns. Other pests like wasps and ants can be very disruptive and we can adjust the frequency of our monitoring visits to deal with these pests without the addition of a callout charge. 
Vending machine

Pest control for business and retail premises  

You may not associate office buildings as places that can have pest problems but this does happen and all too frequently, in places like Reading and Wokingham high background populations of rats often means that an infestation is only inevitable as they will constantly seek ways to get inside. 
The British Retail Consortium has a written guide to the best practises with regards to pest control: 
Through a process of continual monitoring along the adoption of Integrated Pest Management we are on hand to keep the local rodent population in check and keep the building secure. 
Rats aren’t the only issue facing modern buildings; we often get asked to provide pigeon proofing and clean ups for roof top air conditioning plant that can be adversely affected through roosting birds. We deal with all types of pests and not just rats and mice 
Drain fly

Pest control for industry  

Warehousing and distribution centres by their very nature are easy targets for pests; goods transit through large openings in the building which can be open all day and long into the night. This brings with it the risk of inward migration of rodents like rats and mice, the goods stored within may unknowingly carry pests like exotic ants, flour moths and beetles along with pests like cockroaches. Pest damage by rodents or infestation of stored goods can lead to costly bills in damaged or contaminated items, loss of future custom along with a damaged reputation. 
By using a pest controller that focuses on Integrated Pest Management you have a greater degree of protection and avoidance of pest issues. Using IPM we look at the wider environment, making small repairs and raising concerns that you will be unaware off, IPM is about much more than pest prevention. We can help with staff training, developing strategies to combat pests that may occur as a result of stored items and by limiting access to the building and contents. 

Delivering pest control services for Local Authorities 

Although some local authorities may provide their own pest control service, we do work in Partnership with Reading Borough Council providing high quality pest control services for vulnerable members of the Community.  
Our commitment to delivering the best service for our customers also includes our training sessions that we provide for Social Workers and Housing Officers on identifying pests which is given free of charge. 
We aim to become the market leader in pest control across the Thames Valley and our work with Reading Borough Council is part of that commitment. 

Pest control for property management professionals 

Successful property management is about service delivery and meeting the expectations of your clients, where there is a mixture of tenanted and owner-occupied units these expectations may differ widely. We deliver a pest control service aimed at these types of properties aiming to control rodents like rats, mice and squirrels when required along with pigeon control. 
Feral pigeons will move onto unused balconies and begin nesting in a matter of days, pigeon poo - guano and disturbance through noise will adversely affect others in the area. We provide a cleaning and waste removal service for pigeon problems along with netting and spiking systems to keep the birds out. 
Pigeon infestation and health hazards in buildings. 
We also carryout waste removal and this material is disposed of at licensed waste transfer sites; we are licensed waste carriers and can show the appropriate paperwork so that you know items have been correctly disposed of. 
We deliver a complete pest control package dealing with all types of pests so that your clients have the best form of protection and are safe in the knowledge that their investments and homes are well cared for. 
Squirrels in a house in Maidenhead 
"Great, professional company for all your pest control needs, who are experts in their field. Tony gave us all of the details on the first visit and time frame and he was spot on. Such a nice company and Debbie is really helpful too and if I needed to find out or change an appointment, she was really efficient and helpful. Tony was personable and professional. From initial inquiry to first visit it was really quick, there was no waiting around. We’re now squirrel free and the proofing is complete to a great standard. I would highly recommend them, as they offer a brilliant service and i will use them again if needed in the future." 
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