As a family run pest control business, we believe in giving you, our customer the best possible service; we don’t use poison immediately like many other pest control companies, who will then only come out once or twice more. Our aim has always been to deliver the standard of service that if in the event that we had a rat infestation, this is how we’d want it done. 
As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers to deliver the best possible service, we now use CCTV drain equipment as part of our day to day rat clearance operations. We find that the majority of internal rat infestations happen via a faulty drain, and CCTV drain cameras are used as a diagnostic tool to aid us to get rid of your rats, and help you stay – rat free! 

Do rats live in the drains? 

The answer to that is yes, they do, usually in smaller diameter systems like the ones that we find servicing domestic properties throughout the area they use the drains as a way of moving around. We find that a high percentage of our internal infestations stem from a fault with the sewerage system at some point. 

What does a drain survey reveal and what does it cost? 

Firstly, you can ask the local water authority to come out and check and this will be a free service; they will only check the part of the system that belongs to them and you may find that your system is not covered. Any drain company can do a CCTV survey for you and these typically cost around a few hundred pounds. Alternatively, you can use our services and the survey is free. 

I’ve had a survey done and the drains are fine? 

This maybe the case however we look at every possible scenario, after all, you’ve got rats and the most important question that I can think of is – “How are the rats getting in?” 
We do find that drainage engineers miss things that we look for when it comes to rats in drains and so part of our investigation is the elimination of drains as an access point, or, the correct identification of the problem. 

Got a problem with rats? We look further! 

Our News page highlights findings at properties all over Berkshire where no amount of poison would stop their rat infestations due to faulty drains. Many of our customers have come to us after years of repeated callouts from other pest control companies who have used a straight to poison approach to get rid of the current rat problem. 

Drain surveys and drain repairs the answer to your rat problem. 

Our method of pest control is to use integrated pest management which focuses on a detailed investigation of the building, elimination of the resident population using traps to physically remove the bodies and solid proofing to prevent a future re-occurrence. 
You shouldn’t have to put up with rats in the loft and running around in the cavity walls, with All Aspects Pest Control we believe that our customers are our priority and that’s our commitment to you, our number one priority is to get rid of your rats and having done so, to leave you rodent free for good. 
Rat infestation in a house in Winnersh – drain issue 
All Aspects didn't just deal with the immediate rat problem but they found the point of access by tracking rats through the use of a phosphorescent powder and a comprehensive camera survey of the surrounding sewers. This led to the discovery of a redundant, uncapped soil pipe in-between the ground and first floors. Tony suggested where to pull up a floorboard and pulling it up revealed the pipe which was capped off with a bung supplied by All Aspects. No more rats. I was more than impressed. 
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