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Here at All Aspects Pest Control, we are experts in delivering quality pigeon control work and we routinely provide this across the Slough and Langley areas for both domestic and commercial customers. We have over 18 years’ experience in the pest control industry and we are highly trained in bird control work, holding permits that allow us to use hydraulic access equipment. Here is a brief rundown of the different types of bird deterrent that we can provide. 

Total effective pigeon control throughout the Slough area 

Why are pigeons such a problem? 
The commonest bird pest is the urban feral pigeon, and what makes pigeons unique ist that they are thought to be the world’s first domesticated animal; pigeons are a type of rock dove that is happy nesting on narrow ledges and for thousands of years these birds have lived alongside mankind and this is one of the reasons that they are such a pest. 
Combine their inner city style confidence with the unique breeding strategy and these birds really pose a problem in just about every town and city in the UK. As feral pigeons mate for lthey form a strong bond between the breeding pairs, this strong bond makes pigeons extremely dedicated parents and each pair can raise around ten chicks every year. 
The pigeons parenting skills are only part of the problem, each bird will produce around a kilogram of pigeon poo or guano every month and this quickly builds up to form a toxic sludge that is highly acidic, eating away at the fabric of the building everywhere it accumalates. 
We offer a range of pigeon control solutions and these are commonly used on both domestic properties and across the commercial sector. 
Here at All Aspects Pest Control, we are experts in delivering quality pigeon control work and we routinely provide this across the Slough and Langley areas for both domestic and commercial customers. We have over 18 years’ experience in the pest control industry and we are highly trained in bird control work, holding permits that allow us to use hydraulic access equipment.  
Here is a brief rundown of the different types of bird deterrent that we can provide. 
Solar panels

Pigeon proofing for solar panels  

The problem with pigeons roosting underneath solar panels is fairly new, with the relatively recent introduction and now widespread use of roof top solar panels, pigeons have taken over the underside as their favorite nesting sites. 
Pigeons are intelligent and resourceful birds who were once domesticated as a source of food, these birds are unafraid of mankind and they have quickly taken advantage of the huge numbers of systems and available nesting sites. 
Solar panels make an ideal habitat for feral pigeons to nest in, they are likely to be fixed on the south facing side of the roof which will be the warmest place, this is combined with overhead protection from predators and the panels keep the worse of the wind and rain off the nests. 
We can seal off the void underneath the panels in a number of ways, we can fit either a steel mesh skirt with plastic clips to the aluminum frame or attach a form of fence around the edge. No drilling or gluing is required for the mesh as it is held in place with the clips but not all panels can have this type of fitting. Hitachi solar panel systems have a rounded lip so with these a metal picket fence can be fitted to the frame which is either glued on or screwed in. 
Whichever system you choose, neither ones damages the panels but they both form a physical barrier preventing the pigeons from getting back underneath the system, meaning that once the birds have lost their roost they will move off the site. 
Bird netting

Bird net installation – the ultimate form of pigeon proofing in Slough and Langley  

The installation of bird netting is the best deterrent against any species of birds and not just feral pigeons, bird nets come in different mesh sizes; for feral pigeon control the size of each separate square is 50mm by 50mm. The bird nets are made from ultraviolet stabilised polypropylene and when fitted correctly they have a working life of over ten years. 
Bird netting is extremely versatile and can be used in a vertical position or horizontal, we install these nets to keep birds from roosting and nesting. They are frequently installed in places like the underside of loading bays (horizontal) where the birds sit on the steel trussing defecating down onto workers and vehicles below. We also install netting to surround roof top air conditioning plant and because our industry has a solution for just about any problem, we can build a frame (vertical) to encase machinery that stands alone on a flat roof without the need for drilling into the structure. 
We also supply and install bird nets across the openings of balconies on domestic flats, keeping birds away from your home and keeping the environment clean and safe. 
How we install bird nets begins with our technicians forming a steel wire frame around the area that needs to be barriered off, once this is in place the net is attached with metal staples to the wire and pulled tight. This means that we can cover just about any size area and as the nets come in three colours; black, stone and clear we can choose the colour to help the net blend into the background. 
Bird spikes

Bird spiking and bird coil  

Pigeons like to perch on the edge of parapets and roof top coping stones, when you have large numbers of birds congregating together, a lot of faeces will get deposited down the face of the building and onto the surface immediately below. The white splashes of bird poo that you see are uric acid and these will quickly penetrate the surface, eroding paintwork and even hard materials like stone and concrete. 
As well as being unsightly the bird droppings are slowly damaging the structure; one way of combating perching birds is to install either rows of bird spikes or bird coil along the leading edges of horizontal surfaces. 
Spiking will not deter feral pigeons that are nesting, and these systems are best installed as soon as you notice pigeons starting to come onto the site, the urban feral pigeon flocks are increasing in size and numbers. Many buildings have never had a problem with pigeons suddenly find themselves housing a flock and with this behavior you need to install a deterrent quickly before the birds settle and start nesting as they will become difficult to dislodge. 
Bird spikes come in a variety of cross sections from extra wide through to narrow, there are two types of spike: a plastic one and a stainless steel one. We only ever use stainless steel as the plastic ones can break off rendering their installation useless. 

Post and wire systems  

Post and wire work in a similar way to spiking and is installed to prevent the birds from perching; a metal wire is tensioned and held in place by metal rods along the area where the birds rest. Post and wire has a low visual impact and this system is best used on the front face of older buildings that have a high degree of architectural detail. Many of the older buildings that you see in our high streets and town centers have ornate finishes and these will be fitted with post and rail systems to prevent the birds from sitting and defecating down the front of the building. 
bird mite

Bird mite fumigation  

We have a background in general pest control, and we don’t just provide pigeon control services, as these birds carry tiny parasitic mites these can become a problem especially after a flock has left the roost either as a result of human control or just because they moved away on their own accord. 
We often find that birds like starlings will nest together in small groups and when they leave the site in late summer they leave behind hundreds of hungry bloodsucking mites. These will make their way down into the property where they start to bite us and despite their small size, they pack a painful bite! 
We provide a fumigation service for all areas affected by bird mites; lofts spaces and other void areas killing off the mites in minutes with our fogging machines; a strong insecticide is blown out as micro particle’s and these travel through the environment on air currents and thermals filling the void and killing off any mites present. 

Balcony renovation in Slough and Langley 

Pigeon faeces are highly acidic and will quickly start to eat away at surfaces that they accumulate on, metal, stone, concrete and even wood will start to corrode under the mass of bird faeces. This is especially applicable to wooden decking that now often forms the base of many balconies, a pigeon produces around a kilogram of droppings in a month and this material quickly builds up and forms a dense mat of toxic matter. 
Having pigeons roosting and nesting on a balcony quickly prevents people from going out onto the balcony and so the problem intensifies, even after a short period of time the damage to the wood means that the decking is ruined. 
We provide a service of cleaning balconies, scrubbing the decking and removing the pigeon poo, if the wood has become damaged beyond repair, we can take up the boards, including the subframe if there is one and reinstate brand new wood which is now protected from the birds by a net stretched across the opening of the balcony. 
Your outdoor space is now clean, safe and pigeon free and as licensed waste carriers all the waste material is correctly disposed of and the job is complete. 

Pigeon guano cleaning and waste removal 

A flock of pigeons makes a lot of mess in a short space of time and this comes is several forms, firstly there’s the birds nesting material; feral pigeons will pick up twigs, litter and just about anything they can to make a shallow flat nest. All this rubbish is held together by bird droppings and the longer the nest is used the greater the buildup of those droppings. 
Feral pigeons also shed their feathers and so the roosting area becomes littered with discarded feathers which in turn, attract their own pests in the form of carpet moths and carpet beetles. These two types of insect eat the chitin present in the old feathers and something as remote as a pigeon infestation in the loft can now result in carpets and clothing inside the house being attacked by hungry insects. 
Another part of the pigeon problem is that some of them will die in the roost area and so you will get dead birds which in turn bring in bluebottles and other carrion flies. These flies lay their eggs on the body and when it’s time to pupate the maggots crawl off and look to travel down into the soil where its safe to begin pupating. When you have a pigeon infestation in the loft this means that some of these will find their way through electrical cable holes such as light fittings into rooms below. 
The largest problem of a pigeon infestation are the deposits of bird poo or guano, this matter quickly builds up and has a very unpleasant smell, when it rests on items like loft insulation or stored items, these are quickly contaminated by the toxic mass and rendered useless. 
Pigeon guano is extremely toxic, containing some very harmful bacteria and a fungus that grows in the damp medium releasing toxic spores into the atmosphere. Cleaning up pigeon guano is a service that we provide as our technicians are trained and equipped with the protective equipment and we carryout guano cleaning in Slough and Langley for domestic and commercial customers. 

Pigeon control throughout Slough and Langley from a local pest control company 

We offer a range a services outlined here for both domestic and commercial customers right across the region, based in Reading we cover the whole of Berkshire and we routinely work across the south east of England providing high quality pigeon control. 
We carryout a free survey of the site, make recommendations and offer you a no obligation quote, if you would like to speak to one of our technicians regarding your pigeon problem then either give us a ring or contact us here. 

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Guano clean up and balcony netting in Reading 
"Thoroughly professional service from both Tony and Liam - used the form on the website to explain the detail of my pigeon guano issue and had a phone call back from Liam the next business day to arrange a visit to get a quote. Kept informed throughout the whole process of the cost, when it would be done, how long it would take etc etc. Job was completed on a Saturday morning (netting for the balcony and guano removal) thoroughly professionally and they were cleaned up and finished before lunchtime. Would recommend their services to anyone with any sort of pest problem. Would give more than 5 stars if Google allowed it :)
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