If you’ve had a problem with pests and you’re left with a large amount of waste material we can help. 

Are you in need of help clearing out after a problem with rats? 

We are a pest control company with a difference and that is we work with you right through to the end of the problem; once the rats or mice have been eradicated people are often left with all the mess to clear up; rats defecate over 40 times a day and any long term infestation leaves you with a hazardous mess to clear up. 
It’s overwhelming when you've just got rid of the pests and as experts in our field it’s only natural for us to carry on and offer a clearance service for both our customers and new customers whether domestic or commercial. We are licensed waste carriers and offer a service to help you move on. 

Post pest infestation clearance from a local company 

We offer the following: 

Commercial clearances  

Worn out furniture and broken electrical goods build up, these are often places somewhere to be dealt with later and that means it might be too late as rats have started nesting, we can remove this for you and supply the paperwork for your records that all the material was correctly disposed of. 

Garden clearances  

Redundant sheds, overgrowth and forgotten greenhouses all provide shelter for rats, without changing the environment they will be back, from removing a shed to a full-blown garden clearance we do the lot. 

Domestic clearances  

Rubbish accumulates at an alarming rate and if you've had rats or mice living in it the best way to dispose of it is by a professional company; rats and mice carry salmonella and Weils Disease. We work in this environment daily, so we are the experts when it comes to safely removing this waste. 

We have rat droppings in our loft, how do they get up there? 

Most buildings have a type of construction that forms a cavity wall, this cavity is designed to separate the inner and outer walls and is designed to keep the interior dry. This cavity runs down to the solid foundations of the property and up into the roof space. 
When rats enter this cavity and that can be at any point, ultimately they find their way up to the loft where its warm and dry; cavity wall insulation will not stop rats as they will push through the material. 

We have had rats in the loft, are their droppings hazardous? 

Rats deposit faeces around 40 times a day so when you’ve had a infestation, chances are that you are left with a large amount of animal droppings. This along with rat urine that soaks into the insulation creates quite a mess. Rats do carry some nasty organisms and one of these is a virus called Weils Disease which can seriously damage your liver. 
One option is to remove the insulation, vacuum up the droppings and then biocide the area killing off any lingering virus particles and bacteria. We provide this service for customers who want their loft cleaned out and all waste is taken away by us. 

We have had a pigeon problem, what can you do to help us with our pigeon waste? 

When pigeons take up residence, they produce a lot of mess, most of this will be pigeon poo or guano, this forms a dense mat of nutrient rich material that holds some very harmful bacteria, bird viruses and fungus. Feathers, old nest material and often, dead birds all make up the mess left behind a pigeon roost. 
We carry out a lot of bird work cleaning up this mess and occasionally the base material underneath all the guano; quite often modern balconies are finished with wooden decking and this quickly rots under the moist mass of bird waste. We replace wooden decking from balconies and can take the old wood away for disposal; the bird guano is considered that harmful that is classified as hazardous waste and we work with partner companies to have this properly destroyed. 

Could we just leave the bird mess? 

The answer is no, it won't wash away and if it dries out and particles start to get blown about the material is especially harmful as it is easily breathed in and can cause respiratory illnesses. The fungus releases spores which are dangerous on two accounts - you can breathe them in, and they can contaminate your skin: both lead to serious health issues. 
Rats in a terraced house in Reading town centre 
"We had recurring rat problems. In the past we called another pest control but they simply put poisonous baits and did nothing else. No wonder that we had another rat problem soon. Then we called Tony. Tony was very professional ---- he thoroughly examined possible entry points around our terrace, and even went to and discussed with other tenants who live in the same terrace, as he found out that rats actually came in from the other side of the terrace. He sealed all the entry points and so far we do not have any rat problems. Very satisfied.
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