This was a job where our customer called us out as she had rats in her kitchen; the loft was checked and droppings were found. We checked the drains and marked her's and her neuigbours with different coloured tracking dust - no defects were found anywhere around the house. 
Case study was a semi-detached house in Maidenhead, no faults with exterior brickwork on either property and what appeared to be a relatively long term infestation in the loft judging by the amount of rat droppings. 
CCTV surveys allow us to go beyond what the human eye can see when looking down an inspection pit, to resolve your rat problem we do everything possible to identify the access point, seal it and then eradicate any remaining rats. 
Having been able set traps in the drain and catching rats we knew that this was the access point but not just where, we carried out a survey on both systems and found that the adjoining house had converted their garage and moved the kitchen from the front of the property to the rear. 
We quickly determined that there was a break on the old clay pipe with the junction of the new plastic pipe – you can see where the rat has climbed up and used its tail for balance: the tails drag and pick up the tracking dust – pink stripes. 
Simply solution to this infestation was to fit a one way valve into the drain, this prevents rats getting past and allows the homeowner time to consider the more expensive option of relining the drains. 
This job was wrapped up in a couple of weeks, months of rats and the use of rodenticide by the customer - integrated pest management is the only solution. 
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