Pigeon control
One of our most regular sources of pest control involves the control of pigeons and the installation of bird proofing measures: here is one of our latest jobs. 
Often the call for bird control comes from someone like an air conditioning engineer; called out to service roof top units they find out that the birds have started nesting and roosting around the machines. These get covered in guano very quickly meaning for the engineer a job which they cannot do due to the risk of infection. 
Pigeons carry an awful lot of harmful bacteria and organisms, working in an heavily contaminated environment is not a good idea and often in contravention to the Health and Safety at Work Act. We carryout out bird waste cleaning: removing dead birds, guano and nesting material then treating the affected areas with biocide to kill off any lingering viruses or bacteria. 
After the waste material has been removed without some form of physical proofing being applied the birds will soon reappear and the problem continues. 
Part of our bird control treatment is to apply that proofing; there are different methods of achieving control bearing in mind that once on site the birds will be hard to dislodge. 
When it comes to bird control we talk in terms of pressure - that is the pressure from the resident birds or flock onto the site, in this case it was extremely high pressure. The site was near a river so a plentiful supply of water and by a park; well meaning people like to feed the birds and often that includes throwing large quantities of bread onto parks for the pigeons. 
The only way to ensure that the pigeons move away from the air conditioning plant was to encase the area in a net, due to the construction and the rule that we couldn't drill holes in the rendered surfaces we used a combination of metal poles and attachments into brickwork to build a frame for the net. 
This will ensure that we have control of the site and no birds will get back to nest beneath the units - at All Aspects Pest Control we carryout bird control for both domestic customers requiring a balcony to be netted right up to commercial customers who need rooftop plant protected. 
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