As part of our pest control service we often carryout bird clean up works and bird prevention methods in Reading, Wokingham and Maidenhead - view our latest work in Reading. 
Our latest work cleaning up a site in Reading town centre which is going to become a new restaurant - experts in bird control, cleaning up such a site is all in a days work. 
One major pest problem facing towns like Reading and Wokingham are pigeons; these clever and adaptive birds are actually rock doves and their natural habitat is on cliffs and rocky outcrops. Its no wonder that they find our modern town centres such perfect places to nest and bring up a brood of young in. 
We have recently cleared a redundant site in Reading of roosting pigeons, huge amounts of bird excrement which is called guano and old nesting material. All this work is done by pest control professionals as we will clean the surfaces afterwards with antibacterial biocide. 
Birds do a significant amount of damage to stonework and metal structures through a process of chemical reaction from the guano leeching out minerals from the stone and acid attacking the metalwork corroding the surface. 
Pigeons also carry disease along with parasites such as bird mites, which in turn can become a problem for us as these are a type of bloodsucking insect that will feed off humans. Pigeons and guano host a large variety of unpleasant insects that feed of any dead birds, excrement and organic matter like uneaten food. 
Here at All Aspects Pest Control we can provide a range of bird prevention methods based on solid physical prevention: installing bird netting, spikes and wire rope systems to keep your property bird free. We also clean up and remove bird guano, soiled items and structures such as air conditioning units to keep your workplace a safe area. We also carryout preventative proofing around solar panels on domestic properties - another area that these birds are starting to exploit as an ideal roost. 
Bird guano in Reading
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