We were asked to look at a problem in a property in Reading; large industrial kitchen with rats in it. The property was in a good state of repair with a few minor faults externally but no explanation as to why they had such a serious rat infestation. So we carried out a drain survey and the problem became apparent. 
We could see activity within the drains and this part of Reading town centre has a particularly bad problem with rats in the drains.  
We surveyed the entire system and found this fault, not only was the drain redundant but rats had gnawed through a junction of vitrified clay pipe to plastic meaning that they could get into the void that surrounds the system. 
Modern drains cut through the exterior walls underground and these pipelines sit within a gravel filled void; once rats have gnawed their way out of the pipe they can follow this void into the property.  
Poisoned and capped - there will be no more problems from this broken pipe. 
Drain fault
Here at All Aspects Pest Control we look further than our competitors into your rodent problem, putting down poison for the rats is the last thing we do. Our aim is to determine how the rats are getting in, prove that either by an exhaustive survey or physically trapping the rats or mice and then bringing the infestation to a conclusion through hard proofing. 
Our customers are OUR priority - no-one should have to accept rats in their property. 
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