Dead wasp
The hot plume of Saharan air has certainly mixed things up with the wasps, everyone enjoys hot weather and these insectivores are no different. 
The hottest day in June brings out the wasps; we've had a flurry of call outs to deal with wasps all over Reading and the surrounding areas. 
We have seen a rapid rise in numbers, last weekend I would estimate that numbers in the nest were around 50 to 60, we're now seeing a few around the same size but a couple have been well up in the hundreds. 
As wasp numbers increase so does the hazard to the public, wasp nests can be allowed to run through their life-cycle, after all wasps are beneficial in many ways as they eat tonnes of other insects. 
However if they are near a dwelling then the problem will escalate over time possibly becoming a serious hazard to health, at All Aspects Pest Control we offer a guaranteed treatment to totally destroy any wasps nests that we find on your property, all for the same initial price - living with a wasp nest is not advisable. 
As an added advantage, wasps absorb UV radiation from the sun and convert it into electrical energy, meaning on hot sunny days like we've just has these stingers are turbo charged. 
Our customers are our priority and we mean what we say, if you've got a wasp nest that needs removing don't delay. We can have a technician with you within hours. 
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