We love bee's here at All Aspects Pest Control; we don't keep them but as someone who gets called out to destroy their nests and colonies you soon realise that these amazing insects don't actually pose a threat to us and they are something that should be protected. 
Honey bee close up
Wild honey bee's on a Chinese windmill palm in my back garden in Woodley; these bee's are not aggressive and will only sting in defense. Honey bee's will require re-homing if found inside your property as we are obliged to seal the nest after treating it. 
If that nest is built inside a gas fire flue, this would be dangerous as the toxic gases could not escape, so removal is the only safe way. 
For swarms use the services of a local beekeeper = https://www.bbka.org.uk/ 
from the British beekeeping association who will remove these for you free of charge. 
Honey bee on a flower
All Aspects Pest Control - we recognise the need for education in response to honey bee's, with wasps we think that due to the size of the colony: several thousand will be present by mid-summer and their aggressive nature that a pest control treatment is required. We cover the whole of Berkshire and South Oxfordshire, if you have a wasp nest that requires treatment we can have a technician with you within 24 hours. 
Professional wasp control from a local, family run company with an ethical nature. 
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