We carryout a lot of bird proofing and pigeon clean-ups, we remove all the bird waste, clean the site and install netting to leave you with a safe, secure work or home area. If you have problems with birds and need bird control then look no further - our latest work: 
This was a flat located in Bracknell: pigeons moved in and the tenants were unable to move them off themselves. Professional pest control with an integrated management - physical proofing in the shape of a translucent net and thorough cleaning afterwards. 
One service we provide as professional pest controllers is bird guano clean-up and bird proofing; pigeons are a major problem throughout Reading, Maidenhead and Bracknell (where we were working) as they’re reproductive system is different to other bird species. 
Pigeons have a two step advantage over other birds meaning that without predators their presence means that they become a serious pest issue very quickly. 
Pigeons feed their chicks, known as squabs, a thick porridge like milk which they produce in their crop; this food can be produced from anything that the birds eat which puts them one step ahead of other species.  
Other birds develop a breeding and rearing program around their food supply: pigeons will eat anything. 
The second step is that squabs stay in the nest far longer than other birds and they will only fledge when adolescent meaning that their chances of survival are greater and in a short time they are sexually mature rearing a brood of their own. 
Pigeons will take over a balcony very quickly: this flat in Bracknell was empty for three weeks and in that time colonised by several pairs leading to an inch deep ‘carpet’ of droppings, nest material and carcases. 
We apply our own two step method for dealing with problem pigeons: We install netting to prevent access to the roost and then we clean up and disinfect the area, giving you your outdoor space back.  
Pigeons spread diesease and their fouling makes surfaces slippery and a health and safety concern; whether your a domestic customer needing help with pigeons roosting under solar panels or a commercial customer with birds nesting on A/C units, we can help. 
No matter what level of bird problem or pigeon contamination that you have, we cover Reading, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Slough and throughout Berkshire providing professional bird control at a realistic price. 
All Aspects Pest Control when we say our customers are our priority we mean it: we treat your place as if it were our place. 
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