Rat infestation in a house in Woodley; all caused through an uncapped redundant drain beneath the extension floor. 
We carry out exhaustive surveys to determine the access point for rats and mice; rats will often use the sewer and drainage system to enter your home unobserved. We look further than other pest control companies to determine where they are getting in. 
This was a rush job as we first got to it about a week before Christmas; rats in a detached bungalow in Woodley with no obvious signs of an access point so we put the camera up the drain. 
The first thing we saw under the bright LED lights of the camera head were what looked like popcorn, thinking that this maybe slab polystyrene we rolled back the lino and cut a hole in the floor. Sure enough we could see rat runs bored through the insulation along with rat droppings - this was all getting dragged into the drains. 
All the furniture was moved and we cut a large chunk of plywood sheeting out to reveal the uncapped redundant (once outdoor) drain. This was sealed with wire mesh and quick set cement and a handyman called in to tidy up the edges and fit in a new piece of plywood.. 
Trapped a couple of rats and all done with a day to spare!  
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