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Pest Control in Wokingham from a local company 

All Aspects Pest Control are a local family run firm based just around the corner in Woodley, we are a father and son team with over 18 years experience in pest control. 
Tony is a retired firefighter who first started in pest control albeit just catching moles when he was sixteen working on a local farm in Hurley. Liam has come into pest control from a completely different background; recruitment. We also have the future son-in-law who runs his own pest control business in Reading. 
Together we deal with all manner of pests from the usual wasp treatments in the summer to rat control and pigeon clearance work throughout the year. Our aim is to go further than many other pest controllers, we carryout CCTV drain surveys when required as part of our rat control for no extra charge; if they’re coming in via your drains it aids us to find out quickly so we can prevent them and finish your rat treatment. 
We’re not big on the use of rodenticide inside of peoples’ homes, poisoning rats is part of the business however it can leave you with a decomposing corpse where you’ll then get swarms of bluebottles and occasionally maggots. 
Our approach to rat, mouse and squirrel control is to identify the access route, trap the animals to exterminate them and then seal up the point of entry leaving you completely pest free, why would you do it any other way? 
Fully insured and members of professional pest control bodies we can have a technician out to you within 24 hours of receiving your call. 
Squirrel on a wall Rat face

Wasp Control in Wokingham 

As an ethical pest controller we don’t like to treat bee’s, species of bumblebee known as tree bee’s can be rehomed as they often nest in something like a bird box. The treatment for honey bee’s requires us to seal up the treated area; something which can be very difficult and potentially dangerous to do if they have nested in a gas fire flue for example. Honey bee's can be removed by specialist companies and we would recommend their services to remove the bee's. 
We treat both wasps and hornets and we guarantee our treatments so if they don’t completely die off within 24 hours we will come back to retreat. As part of our commitment in providing the highest standards of pest control; once at your property we look for other wasp nests. Any nests we find are treated for no extra charge, after all we are there and our technicians stay to observe the treated nest behavior to make sure they’ve got the insecticide to the nest. 
Wasp on a leaf

Mole Catching in Wokingham 

My first adult job was as a farmhand in Hurley and one of the problems there were moles, the Farmer wasn’t much good at catching them and hence didn’t enjoy the job so one of my very first roles was molecatching. I found it immediately to my liking and one of those things that you're a natural at and now we offer mole catching on a no catch = no fee basis. 
Some pest control companies want money up front for mole catching and why would you pay for someone not to catch? With moles its about skill, patience and occasionally time so we offer a price to catch and in the event we don’t catch a mole then you don’t pay. Seems fair enough to me. 

Pigeon Control and Guano Cleaning in Wokingham 

As someone who has spent my entire working life up a ladder and happy working at heights, proofing solar panels is something I am happy to do all day. I don't mind some things that would turn another persons stomach and I am also just as happy cleaning up pigeon poo and installing nets and spikes to keep the birds off your property. 
We do a lot of bird work for both domestic and commercial customers and we completely a large job at Royal Berkshire Hospital dismantling a roof, cleaning up tonnes of guano and putting a temporary roof back on until the major works were completed. 
We will provide detailed reporting systems tor commercial customers to include COSHH, risk assessments, and RAMS to ensure a safe system of work All our technicians are trained and certified to provide the best pest control solution. 
If you have a pigeon problem in Wokingham give us a call the solution is minutes away. 
Rat, Mice and Squirrel control in Wokingham 
We work on the basis of Integrated Pest Management which in our opinion is the only way to deliver a pest control service for rodents, we don’t offer a couple of visits using poison for a ‘special’ price nor do we use poison as a first and only means of control your pests. 
Our focus is on the most important question – “Where are the rats getting in?” 
To answer this we trap the creatures, this enable us to examine the animal and look for the clues as to the location. Along with the traps we lay coloured marking dust that tracks the rodents movements, in the case of rats they will often enter a house via the drainage system so we will stick our drain camera down there to see if there’s a defect with the pipework as part of our standard operation. 
We sort out your rats, mice and squirrels with investigation, trapping and the sealing up not poison, poison and more poison. 
For more information on any form of pest control give us a call and we can give you an no obligation quote. 
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