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Wasp Nest Removal in Woodley 

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A common problem experienced by home owners in Woodley every summer – the discovery of a wasp nest, it may be lurking in a garden shrub or hidden way inside the loft, either way for many people its something that they dread and fear – but fear no more, as a local Woodley based pest control company all it takes is one phone call and we’ll have you wasp free in a jiffy. 
Here at All Aspects Pest Control we provide a same day service for wasp nest removal in Woodley and we take great pride in our service delivery: our wasp nest treatments are guaranteed, generally all activity will cease within a few hours but in case you still see wasps flying to and fro we’ll happily return an re-treat it. 
Our reputation as pest controllers who care is defined by our service, and don’t take our word on it – check out our Google reviews and the reviews in the Little Green Book, when carrying out a wasp nest treatment at your property our technicians will walk around the property to see if they can find additional nests. Its quite common that there is a main nest wasp nest located on a property and the wasps from that nest are taking out all the local insects, they will also attack other wasps from nests, depleting their numbers. 
All this wasp activity means that there maybe additional nests that have not formed as well as the main nest; once that larger more dominant wasp nest is destroyed these secondary nests ‘bloom’ and suddenly you find yourself with yet another wasp nest. We spend the time to look for these nests and, in the event, that we find one, we will treat it with insecticide to kill it off – with NO extra cost. We’ll even include these nests in our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Have you got a wasp problem in Woodley? 

Our wasp nest removal service is available seven days a week and if we have access you don’t need to be home; one telephone is all that’s needed to get rid of your pests. We leave paperwork with you which details the insecticides used just in case you require a record. 
As the summer progresses so wasp numbers increase and with eight different species of wasp and hornet resident in the UK, numbers can range from several hundred to several thousands, not all wasps behave the same but generally when disturbed or attacked they release a pheromone which excites all the wasps in the vicinity. Several thousand angry wasps maybe something that you want to avoid and best left to the professionals? 
Our staff are all fully trained; we don’t run a ‘pop up’ company to deal with wasps just in the summer, we deal with all types of pests in Woodley and our staff are holders of the RSPH Level 2 Pest Management qualification and more importantly; they’re all equipped with the best personal protective equipment. Our aim is to work safely and to create a safer environment by removing your wasp nest in a professional manner. 
We are ethical pest control professionals and so we will not treat bee’s nests, we are happy to pay a free visit to your property to see the problem and determine if we can relocate the bee’s for you. There are many species of bee and some of these are completely harmless as they aren’t equipped with a stinger or venom sac; to make matters worse they camouflage themselves as wasps! These tend to be termed masonry or mining bee’s and you’ll often find them living in the ground where it’s a sandy soil or burrowing in through weak mortar. 
If you live in Woodley and you want a local, family run pest control company give us a call. 
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