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All Aspects Pest Control Reading provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have problems with a clothes moth infestation and we will advise you on the best course of treatments using the latest innovative products. All our technicians are trained and certified and continually re-train to advance their capability to provide the best quality pest control solutions. 
Cloths moths in Reading

Moth eradication in Wokingham and Reading 

What damage can moths do? 
Adult clothes moths are not the pests that actually eat your clothing, its the moth larvae which are solely responsible for damage to your valuable clothing and possessions. 
Adult clothes moths and the larvae prefer low light conditions found in places such as cupboards, storage boxes and the gaps around the edge of a room 
Clothes moths prefer moist conditions although a dry environment slows larvae development. 
Their eggs are tiny, most being less than 1 millimetre long and a single female clothes moth will lay several hundred 
The clothes moths are very poor fliers and prefer to scuttle over surfaces where they breed and lay their eggs, you will often find clothes moths under sofas and beds 
Often found in old birds nests, which is why whenever we find an old nest, we remove it to remove a source of food for future clothes moths 
We treat clothes moths infestations by first vacuuming thoroughly all areas to be treated and then by spraying a residue insecticide 
Due to the hidden nature of the clothes moths egg's a second spraying maybe required in four weeks 
Pheromone traps are left with the customer throughout the treatment to catch any adult clothes moths missed by spraying 
Clothes moth
Moth treatment 
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