Professional squirrel control throughout Reading and right across Berkshire 

Do you have a problem with squirrels? The north American grey squirrel is a major pest throughout Reading, Woodley and the Wokingham area, and we carry out a humane trapping service to eradicate these pests from your homes in not just this immediate area but right across Berkshire. 
Equipped with powerful jaws and incredibly sharp teeth, these animals will gnaw through wood, plastic, and even thin sheet steel to gain access and build a nest in your loft. 

Squirrel and vermin removal in Reading, Woodley and Wokingham 

Unless you have had a problem with squirrels in the past, you will associate these animals with the usual cheeky, acrobatic personality that is often portrayed by advertising campaigns and home video shows.  
However, the grey squirrel has a much darker side to their nature than people realise; being a non-native species, the grey squirrel was introduced to the Country during the Victorian era and without predators to control their numbers, these animals are classed as vermin. 
The north American grey squirrel is responsible for the decimation of our native European red squirrel, the destruction of many song birds and the cause of thousands of pounds of damage to the forestry industry, and not to mention the cost of damage caused to domestic properties across Woodley and Wokingham. 

How to spot a squirrel infestation  

Grey squirrels will have two separate breeding seasons each year, so we will see two intensive peaks of activity along with a more prolonged period of infestation which runs throughout the colder months where they seek warmth by living in the roof spaces of our properties. 
Over the winter period squirrels will take up residence in the loft, keeping warm as they nest in insulation which they shred up and roll into a ball; this nest is called a drey. It is not uncommon to find several squirrels living together during the coldest months and these will be the territorial female and the last daughters from her second, autumn brood. It’s the females that keep hold of a territory and she will tolerate the presence of her offspring until the next breeding season when she will then eject them and these young squirrels will have to carve out their own territory someplace else. 
The first breeding season starts anywhere from January to April and the female squirrel will construct more than one drey; she will select one of these to give birth in and raise her young. Creating this nest means scraping up loft insulation and even tearing up soft furnishings that maybe stored inside the area. The signs of a squirrel infestation are: 
Lots of noise in the loft during the daytime as they move about 
Expect to hear some noise at night-time as just like us they will get up occasionally during the night. 
Clumps of loft insulation appearing on the roof or have fallen to the ground; as they move back and forth, bits of the torn up insulation will stick to their fur and get dragged out. 

Professional vermin control in Reading 

The grey squirrel is now officially classed as vermin and as such they cannot be released into the wild; you cannot live catch and release because of the damage they cause across the UK, this is covered under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. As an invasive species to the UK with no natural predators, having the two breeding seasons, means that the grey squirrel population is without check and is now a major problem just about everywhere you go. 
We trap and humanely dispatch squirrels using approved spring traps, we never use poison on these animals as they are certain to die inside the property giving rise to issues with rotting bodies, flies, and maggots. As part of our squirrel control treatment we will seal up the entrance point which will keep small birds from accessing and possibly more squirrels. 
If you think that you have a squirrel problem, read our blog on squirrel control in Woodley.ere at All Aspects Pest Control we carryout demolition of outbuildings, decking and sheds on a weekly basis. As licensed waste carriers all our waste is removed to a local recycling centre and documented to that fact. 

Frequently asked questions about squirrels 


How do squirrels get in the loft?  

Squirrels are great climbers and scaling a vertical brick wall is easy for them, as well as their climbing ability they can jump around five times their body length meaning that any overhanging tree branches are all that’s needed to give the grey squirrel easy access into your loft. 

What do squirrels eat?  

These animals are true omnivores in that they eat just about anything, acorns are a staple of their diet from the autumn onwards but they will attack young birds in the nest, rob nests of eggs and strip tree bark to eat the sugary layer of soft wood just underneath – this is why squirrels are a real pest. 

Do squirrels hibernate?  

Squirrels do not hibernate in the way that bears do, but they stay active all year round including during the winter months and they will hoard food supplies to get themselves through this period. During this time you will often see squirrels visiting garden bird feeders for seeds and nuts. to see what they can scavenge. 
Squirrels in the roof of a house in Wokingham 
"Great, professional company for all your pest control needs, who are experts in their field. Tony gave us all of the details on the first visit and time frame and he was spot on. Such a nice company and Debbie is really helpful too and if I needed to find out or change an appointment, she was really efficient and helpful. Tony was personable and professional. From initial inquiry to first visit it was really quick, there was no waiting around. We’re now squirrel free and the proofing is complete to a great standard. I would highly recommend them, as they offer a brilliant service and i will use them again if needed in the future.
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